Historically mankind has learned to grind out our problems. We go to work harder, we dive into our vices deeper and we convince ourselves that a strong offense gets the work done. This ignorant drive leaves us damaged internally. The unstoppable drive can be damaging to a person’s spirituality. The cost of pushing all of the time does not always show externally but leaves deep wounds internally. Modern technologies also distract from the health of the internal mechanism. Social media offers many flavors of distraction. While platforms can give endorphins of gratification, they can also offer divisions between friends or family over politics and personal views. But to block all of that out it is important to find yourself in a deeper more soul fulfilling way.

The souls battle is one that can be conquered with practice and commitment. Consistency is the key. Starting with the commitment to a routine. Not allowing yourself to be pulled away from a daily mindfulness practice. As an example, trying to meditate for 10-15 minutes daily at lunch time. Clearing the mind and focusing on breathing for as little as 15 minutes a day can give a person over 90 hours a year in getting to know one’s breath and foundation of a spiritual best practice. This sort of healing is a journey people can only spend with themselves and the internal spirit. To reconnect with the body, mind and soul. That is deeply important to the healing of vices.

Physical practices are helpful as well. Yoga creates a healing in people from posture to balance. Practices like this cause people to identify their strengths in poses to create a foundation of spiritual growth. The confidence built in the balance of a challenging position gives hope towards achieving something more than what a person knew was possible for themselves. That sort of apex strengthens the spirit. Another fantastic physical practice is ultra-running or trail running. Creating an avenue of adventure in a person’s life while reaching summits at almost every race. Ultra-running is considered to be any race over 26.2 miles (the standard marathon). Combined with the majesty of the many national parks and trails, trail running may be the singular great spiritual growth practice. The monotony is not lost when a person’s footing is unsure, the races are long and difficult and require a deep dive into one’s soul to reach the finish line.

Luckily, even though technology spends most of its time destroying a person’s spirit, there are helpful applications for awareness. Many of these apps offer daily reminders. Some even allow for healthy correspondence with other app members. That sort of platform allows for people to share in their growth journeys through the dialogue of personal experience. Internal best practice can be shared from across the world. If the saying misery loves company is true, then success should not be lost on solidarity. While applications are a slippery slope for distraction, they should not be counted out as some of the designers do not have malicious intent for ad time but have the users best health in mind.

To help someone grow spiritually many options exist. Physical workload, breath work or meditation can all play a major factor in benefiting a healthy growth practice. But it cannot be overlooked that what is truly important is the mindset. The personal choice to not give in to the challenges that the day brings. Striving to win each little battle is what ultimately wins the war.