We know that you are the proud owner of a beautiful home that has unfortunately suffered substantial damage, whether it be by natural or negligent causes. As the aftermath of the damages begin to settle in, you will need to file a claim with the homeowners insurance. We believe that you have arrived here because to your surprise, when you filed your claim, the insurance company decided to deny it.

Oftentimes, insurance companies tend to forget that despite a claim denial, you still have legal rights regarding your home. Fortunately,  homeowners’ claim denied situations are issues that can be disputed with the help of a competent attorney. Stick around to receive detailed information on instances where your insurance may deny your claim, and why it is imperative to hire a lawyer for these situations.

Instances of claim denial

Let’s go ahead and review some circumstances where your claim may be denied. Remember, these are companies that all have the same goal, and that is to save money or make an extra profit. The following instances are:

  • The deductible: This term refers to the amount of money that you decide to pay within the claim. There are instances when the insurance company might state the damage is less than your deductible. If this occurs, they will not cover your damages, ultimately denying your claim. Realistically speaking though, the companies thus act in an unfair manner since they are deciding the value of the damage, actively choosing to downplay the severeness of the damage.
  • Location of property: There are instances where insurance companies may deny your claim if your house is an area with a likelihood of crime or hazardous weather activity. When filing your claim, these companies pull the trick of blaming the homeowner for exercising a lack of responsibility in either protecting the home from crime. If it is a natural disaster like flooding, they’ll state it was a gradual even and not an immediate accident.
  • Insurance companies will also try to invalidate the seriousness of your damage by conducting a poor investigation of the damage. When they send a representative to inspect the incident, the individual will opt to write a review that comply with the insurance company’s monetary interests.
  • Even if your claim checks out fine, and you file your process accordingly insurance companies may opt to delay your claim indefinitely. By doing so, they are hurting the insurance holders by denying them a quick solution to their damages.

Hire an attorney

Now that we’ve got the denial instances out of the way, let’s delve into the legal benefits of hiring a competent lawyer in order to dispute a claim denial or avoid one in the first place.

  • Gathering the evidence for the case: An experienced home insurance attorney will compile the necessary evidence to fortify your case. When the insurance adjuster arrives to inspect the damage, a lawyer will do the talking for you to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • They will help you compile and fill out the necessary paperwork: This is crucial when you decide to dispute the claim. Without legal representation, insurance companies feel free to undermine/invalidate your damages. However, when you dispute the denial, your attorney will make sure your paperwork is intact of any flaws the insurance company could take advantage of.
  • Speed up the process: When an insurance company sees you hired an attorney, they’ll notice you’re not playing games when it comes to the settlement you deserve. In other words, they’ll take you more seriously.
  • Trial representation: As self-explanatory as it can be, if your claim heads to trial, you will need legal representation to make sure you attain the settlement you deserve.

Now that you are more educated on the legal complexities of a homeowners claim denied, we hope that you feel more comfortable in hiring a lawyer that will vehemently fight for your rights. Remember, even if your claim gets denied, you still have the legal right of disputing it. However, you’ll need an attorney to do just that.