Being among the most visited tourist sites from Makassar, Losari beach’s prevalence does not appear to fade out hundreds of years later it had been discovered. History documented that the Losari shore was revived under the knowledge of its authorities in 1945. DM van Smitten has been the guy accountable. He ordered the employees to construct a barrier from being bombarded from water, to safeguard the road. This occasion marked the beginning of the revitalization of Losari.

Situated in a strategic region surrounded by numerous resorts in Makassar, Losari soon became the nation’s discussion. Both global and local tourists require a terrific fond of Losari for its beauty and the facilities. We have gathered four fun activities that you cannot miss, if you’re considering spending your vacation in Makassar, especially Losari beach.

  1. Visiting Samalona Island

Spending your day without paying a visit to Samalona Island would be such a tremendous loss since it is only a brief distance away. Lease a ship together with family and your friends, and you only have to walk about 10 minutes.

After you are sailing off from the sea for approximately half an hour, gorgeous blue hue and the white sand of Samalona island will greet you. This is the spot for those of you who have a huge interest in photography. For extreme sports fans on the market, Samalona island may also be the response of your prayers.

  1. Enjoying The Sunset

At Makassar, Losari beach is also known for its breathtaking sunset views. Several places are made explicitly for the sunset of Losari Though some visitors enjoy the sea breeze. This is why Losari is flooded with tourists. They are willing to wait for hours to watch the sunsets. This becomes one of the reasons to enjoy this place.

Ensure that you have arrived before 6:00 pm on the beach if you do not want to miss the sunset if you intend to take these photos as the souvenir to bring home. If you want your trip to Makassar to become even more unforgettable, don’t forget to hit your best pose directly facing the “Pantai Losari” sign.

  1. Hunting For The Best Local Cuisines of Makassar

Take a few moments to unwind while savoring types of Makassar’s traditional food sold there once your feet are getting tired from roaming around the beach. For those of you, Pisang Epe is the perfect bite to fill your tummy. Served with grated coconut and melted brown sugar, this baked banana is absolutely addicting.

Care for some other yummy food? Well, you came to get a treat.

Still, wish to eat different foods? Calm down. There are Coto Makassar peddlers who open stalls at the Losari shore. According to several other food bloggers, you can’t miss tasting this in Makassar – Mie Titi. Contrary to noodles’ functioning in general, Titi Noodles then garnished with a tasty sauce and is generally fried dry.

  1. Ride The Duck Boat

Who stated that riding a duck boat could be on the lake? A beach is at Losari! For those of you who desire to enjoy Losari beach’s beauty, you can rent duck boats that line the shore. Also, don’t forget to make your pocket camera or cellphone on you. There will be many spots that can’t be photographed in the mainland.

This summarizes the four activities you can do while visiting the Losari shore. However, don’t limit your activities by merely doing these four activities, since there are still many places in Makassar which are fascinating to research. Let us go to Makassar!

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.