When a person is training to be a sterile processing technician there is a lot of education and training they will need to complete. They will also need to take and pass an exam. There are some tips and advice for taking the CBSPD exam and getting a passing score and requirements needed to work as a sterile processing technician.


To work as a sterile processing technician a person will need to attend lectures, study, and make sure they have their clinical training hours completed. Most training programs can be completed in two terms and each term will be 42 hours of lectures and clinical training. There are so many topics that will be covered in the training that includes:

Cleaning and sterilization

Infection control and prevention

Storage for surgical instruments


Medical terms

Inventory control



In addition to this coursework, a student will need to spend 80 hours on their clinical experience in a healthcare setting. They will take the skills learned in the course and apply them to real-life under a certified professional.

Duration of Courses

In addition to completing the two terms in school a student will need to complete a year working in a sterile processing department and they will need to meet requirements set forth by the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution and the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management. A student will then need to sit for the exam and show their knowledge and skills by earning a passing score.

Employment Opportunities

Once a sterile processing technician has completed their training and passed the exam they can work in several healthcare locations. They often work in hospitals and outpatient clinics. A technician will not have direct contact with the patients. They will work in the background and make sure that health and safety measures are met. They will make sure that the healthcare professional is safe when they are using medical equipment.

Average Salary

The salary for a sterile processing technician will vary based on geographic location but there are some averages that a person should keep in mind. The average salary ranges between $23,000 and $48,000. Most of these positions are full-time with health benefits.

Potential Growth

Once a person has experience working in this field they can continue their education to a higher position. They can move on to a management position where they will be responsible for supervising sterile processing techs. They can also move on to a supervisory position in this role. Some people move on to other medical areas including clinical medical assistant and surgical technology. Other people move on to enter the nursing profession. They also know medical terms and the safety needed in the medical field.

Best People for This Position

This is a great job for those that want to enter the medical field. To succeed in this position a person should be able to pay attention to details, enjoy working hands-on, and they will need to be analytical. A person also should enjoy reading and will be able to follow instructions. Safety is key when it comes to this position and a person must be alert at all times. They need to make sure all of the medical equipment is properly sterilized.

A sterile processing technician will need to make sure both patients and healthcare staff are safe. Once they complete all education and testing requirements a person can have a good job in the medical field.