Railroad accidents are not common when compared to road accidents; however it ends up with catastrophic injuries and mass deaths. It is highly essential for Government to keep updating the railroad transport such that they are efficient enough and does not lead to any of these accidents. In simple words, they need to be preventive but not to react after things happen. Government also has to come up with strict compliances and regulations for crossing railroad, track maintenance, safety of passengers, etc. 

All these are measure that the Government needs to take care of. However, what would we do if any of such unwanted accident happens to any of us? Just imagine if a car and a train collide, it would end up in massive destruction not only in terms of lives but also collateral damages. Collateral damages can be replaced while loss of lives can never be. 

If any of such unpleasant event happens in our lives, first we need to do is to consult with the topmost railroad lawyers. The reason could be you may not know what to do and how to do. On your behalf, they would analyze the entire case and would intimate you and railway department the result of their analysis. They will help you in understanding the responsibility of railway department in the cause of such accidents. 

If the degree is high, then they are responsible in compensating for victims. To ensure this, these lawyers would collect all possible evidences and witnesses for complete and unbiased analysis. They would let the victim understand their mode of compensation based on their analysis. Accordingly they would proceed with all documentation related to filing the case, etc.  They will never engage in settle out of court premises, as it