Jama software brings innovative solutions and insights to company which creates products and software systems. It empowers large enterprises to accelerate development time, mitigate risk and verify compliance. Jama software has a growing customer base of organizations. It includes companies representing areas such as automotive, medical devices, financial Services and aerospace. This helps teams deliver high quality products on time and within budget.The software provides a true system of record and action for the product development process. It collaborates on requirements and test cases in real time.


Jama software includes many innovative features which are as follows-

  • Test management

It has full manual testing capabilities in the product development process. It enables the teams to evaluate every stage from concept to test. It makes it organized and visible in one location which reduces risk.

  • Live Traceability

This enables life traceability across all the requirements and test cases. It is done with a feature called Trace View. It makes it easier to understand the change, navigation and downstream relationships on product specific views. It can also be easily evaluated for impact later on.

  • Review center

This simplifies the review and approval processes. It makes it easier to iterate specifications and confirm on requirements. The reviewers can either mark items as approved or needs more work. This helps to make it clear what change is required.

  • Rest API

The uses can take advantage of this. It can be used to create integrations from specified requirements managed by Jama software for its use in engineering tools.

  • Real time collaboration

Real-time collaboration is essential when it is working on complex protects. This is effortless for it allows the users to see not only who is directly connected but also in directly connected. The new uses and stakeholders can easily invite into current conversations.

How the software helps?

Jama software helps the organizations to bring complex products to the market. It provides a structured collaboration environment by involving every person invested in the success of the organization. It has a strong fit with the industries that it have a highly regulated life, safety full stop with also aligns well with the needs of industries that are developing highly complex systems. It effortlessly accommodates different teams and cultures. It provides a single web based integration and minimizes time waste on manual synchronization and endless meetings. This software helps the organizations a lot.