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There is usually a saying under cultivation that goes thus; “feed the soil and not the plant” This simply means that the plant cannot be directly fed by the things that help it grow as expected, just as a pregnant mother has to feed well for her many to live and grow well in the womb. When close monitoring and health care are given to the soil, the plant that grows through it will definitely come out well. Different types of soil can be used for planting and the Best Soil For Cannabis is loamy soil. Though it is generally seen as the best soil that farmers use to cultivate crops of different types, yet, it is the best and the globally recommended soil for planting Cannabis because it helps the cannabis to grow well as expected. The make-up of the loamy soil makes it more unique when it comes to comparing it with any other soil that can be used for planting.

Loamy soil is made up of the following components that help it aid the growth of any crop or plant that terminates through it. Its components are; sand, silt, and clay soil with other organic compounds. These components help the loamy soil retain water for a reasonable period of time, thereby helping the seed planted get enough water to aid healthy germination. This soil has its own way of also making water shed off from the soil when it’s in excess. The Best Soil For Cannabis, which is seen to be the loamy soil, has a very good soil texture that helps give the plant the best nutrient it should. The soil has enough nutrients and oxygen embedded in it, as it cannot become pores or go out of nutrients as the day runs by.

There are safety measures to put in place to keep the loamy soil full of nutrients before cannabis is planted in them. No matter how imbalance your soil is before planting, you can bring it back to its best state by arming the soil with organic matters like garden compost, dried leaves, and cow manure, which is used by most farmers because of its effectiveness in giving soils enough nutrient that helps the healthy growth of plant At this state can it prove by results that it’s the Best Soil For Cannabis, among all other soil, and against all odds.