Which Metrics Are Crucial To Evaluate SEO Performance?

The search engine optimization process aims to have your content and web pages reach the top of search results. It is a practice that empowers your website to attract quality traffic. Quality traffic is the result of offering the right information and experience to website visitors. 

Professional SEO experts monitor everything ranging from rankings to conversions to lost opportunities and more to prove SEO value. Evaluating the influence of the existing optimization process and ongoing alteration is crucial for SEO success, consumer retention, and value. It even helps to shuffle your priorities, when something doesn’t seem to work.

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors but you need to choose a few. Establish the most critical metrics based on the goal you desire to achieve. You can even take help from Linkascope which offers backlinks profile monitoring services

Common SEO metrics that need regular monitoring

Organic traffic

Organic traffic includes visitors clicking on a URL that is displayed on the search engine result page based on the search query. Organic search traffic is an efficient signal of SEO strategy progress. Enhancement in organic traffic means your online visibility is going up via keyword ranking. 

Keyword ranking

The keyword is a special word or phrase people use to search for on search engines. The keyword is effective when it shows on top of SERPs during a Google search. You aim to get as close to the top first three rankings because 30% of people click on the 1st search result. 

Conduct keyword gap analysis to understand keyword performance in-depth and identify new relevant ones. Analyze with 3 to 5 competing URLs to identify your strong and vulnerable keywords as well as the untapped ones your competitors are ranking for but your domain has the potential to capture.

CTR or click-through rate

The metric represents the users who clicked your URL on SERP. It is a barometer that shows how efficiently your Meta descriptions and title tags grab users’ eyes. If the CTR percentage is low, you can optimize the URLs, title tags, and Meta descriptions and get some relevant featured snippets. 

Domain authority

Website authority score defines your domain ranking. It is measured on a 1 to 100 scale. A higher score means better ranking and more traffic. Domain authority scores can be compared with your competitors to improve your SEO tactics. Websites can take time to build backlinks and authority and will consistently show a score within 40 to 60. You can take help from BusyFox, one of the leading backlinks building services

Bounce rate

It displays the number of visitors that come and leave your website immediately. The reasons for visitors leaving instantly indicate a bad user experience for Google. Google Analytics assumes a visit as an interaction and measures visit quality. Bounce rate benchmarks of the different websites are different. Bounce rate tells if your website layout, lead magnet, or content is appealing or not to your target audience.  

There are myriads of SEO tools available to keep track of website ranking, crawl health, link metrics, and SERP features. Get familiar with SEO services in details because it can be helpful when you look for a reliable SEO expert on Bleen, an Australian online directory!