It’s no surprise for a band to fall under financial pressure and that’s where there are fundraisers to make everything a little easier. If your school makes provision for a music teacher and a band, then you might most likely have to raise funds to get quite a lot of other things such as concerts, instruments, traveling and so much more. Now if there is one thing you should never underestimate the power of a band. They can easily assemble a fundraising team and with an effort from all members, you can raise all the funds you need.

Fundraisers have been used for a long time to raise money for a lot of things and when done right, they can achieve the maximum benefits. Here are our top 5 band fundraising ideas

  1. Fundraising Concert.

This is going to be number one because it is one of the best and easiest ways to raise money as a band. Since you have a band ready to play, you can throw a fundraising concert at your school. You can raise money by charging a fee for entrance and serving treats as well as refreshments to the audience.

One of the great ways to go through with this fundraiser is to invite both students and parents as well as the community to come to support you. You can raise outdoor concerts to make money for a reason and this is a very common thing amongst bands.

  1. Picnic

A picnic never goes wrong for a fundraiser and it is part of our top 5. It is a good way to make your supporters feel at ease and treat them to a nice meal as you raise money for your cause. You can always get help from friends, faculty, and parents, and you can have them bring whatever item they want to the picnic. It could be food or drinks.

Then ask for donations and make it very easy and fun for people so they do not hesitate in doing so.

  1. Music-themed Movie Night

What better way to show you are raising money for a band than having a movie night about bands? You can have this movie in school or at the local cinema. Even if you choose your school, you are sure to have a projector, sound system and a screen at your disposal.

You can raise money through this by inviting parents, friends and other students. You can sell tickets or a donation at the entrance. You can also make popcorn, drinks and other light refreshments ready and remember to show a movie about bands and music.

  1. Yard Sale.

No matter the cause you are raising money for, yard sales are always a good stop and a brilliant idea to raise funds for your band. You can reach out to people around you such as neighbor, friends and family and your local community to come support.

You can ask everyone to donate items for the fundraiser and have all this set up in one yard where the sale could take place. All the payments you get can be used for your band.

  1. Sports Event.

The band can hold a sports event to attract a crowd and attract donations as well. These games could include soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and so many other popular sports you know people would be willing to come to watch. You can always ask local businesses to sponsor while promoting the events on social media and in your community.

The band can also perform during the game to make it more unique and interesting. You can sell tickets for the game to raise funds or accept donations. Whichever is best for the band and school.


You should know that whatever fundraiser your band chooses, you must never underestimate the power of social media, so make sure to share your fundraiser on social media or through emails. You can also make use a fundraising company like Fundraising Zone.

You should know that promotion plays a huge role in your band’s fundraiser so make sure to invest in fliers, bulletin boards and so much more for announcements.

Wanna raise money for your band? Why not start a fundraiser today?