How to Apply for a Missouri Birth Certificate 

Your birth certificate is a very crucial document that not only proves your age, but also your legal identity. There are many instances when you’ll need your Missouri birth certificate, such as:

  • When enrolling in school
  • When joining the military
  • When claiming insurance benefits
  • When claiming pension
  • When claiming government benefits
  • When obtaining an identification card
  • When applying for a social security number
  • When obtaining a driver’s license
  • When applying for or renewing a passport

These are just a few instances when you might need a birth certificate in Missouri. In most cases, documents that are required for official use should be government authorized certified copies. Therefore, you should ensure that you have certified birth certificate copies at hand.

3 Ways of Applying for a Missouri Birth Certificate

  1. In-Person

You can apply for this important document at the Jackson County Health Department office located at 313 S. Liberty Street, Independence, MO 64050. You can request the Birth Certificate and Death Certificate Application Form, which you’ll be required to fill and print. You will also be required to provide one identity document that displays your name, photograph, and the name of the organization/company issuing the document.

Jackson County Health Department offers same day printing of certified copies of birth certificates for Missouri residents. It will generally take you about fifteen minutes to complete the request in person. You will also be required to pay the fees at the office. Money order, credit, debit and cash are the only payment options accepted.

  1. By Mail

After completing the Birth Certificate and Death Certificate Application Form, you’ll need to have it notarized. You’ll also need to pay the fees by money order, payable to Jackson County Health Department, as well as the self-addressed stamped envelope. After getting all these items in order, you should mail them to the Jackson County Health Department office address. The office will process your birth certificate application and mail it back in the self-addressed envelope you provided within 48 hours (apart from weekends) of receiving your mail.

  1. Online Application

This is certainly the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of applying for a Missouri birth certificate. You can apply for your birth certificate and birth certificate copies via our website. Our application process is simple and straightforward, and it eliminates all the hassles that are associated with the traditional application process. This means no trips, no waiting in long queues, and no strict office hours to adhere to.

If the idea of applying for a birth certificate at the comfort of your home sounds perfect to you, be sure to apply for a Missouri birth certificate online.