Why Shouldn’t You Delay That Trucking Alignment Appointment?

Spoiler alert – it’s not just about fuel efficiency! Then? The answer is road safety, something which a simple practice of regular truck alignment in Dallas, TX, can enhance. 

Did you know that the state of Texas leads the nation in commercial truck accidents? And besides evasive action and driver inattention, safety violations (failing to inspect the rig for safety issues) account for three of the leading causes. So don’t neglect wheel misalignment if you also own a fleet of eighteen-wheelers, and this guide will talk all about it:

Signs Your Truck Needs Professional Wheel Alignment 

Though it is recommended that you opt for wheel alignment once every 12,500 miles, a professional alignment becomes a must as soon as you notice the following signs:

  • The pinch – A term used for the phenomenon where the truck suddenly pulls to the left or the right while driving. 
  • Noisy steering – There are different kinds of steering noises, but the one that indicates suspension problems is a popping or clunking sound. 
  • Uneven steering – When driving down a flat, straight road, the steering should not go off-center. 
  • Uneven tire wear – A tire showing excessive outer or inner wear compared to others is a sign of wheel misalignment. 
  • Squealing tires – While accelerating or turning, the truck’s tires might screech, indicating wheel misalignment. 
  • Vibrating or loose steering – Mostly caused due to wheel misalignment, these issues can greatly reduce response time while turning! 

Main Causes for Wheel Misalignment 

Consider your truck’s wheels like any other manufactured equipment under the sun. They are designed to make life easier and serve their purpose well, but time and other forces of nature eventually cause wear and tear. So let’s look at the main causes of wheel misalignment.

The Curb Impact 

If you’re used to hitting curbs or even driving over them, the wheel alignment of your truck will change over time. This happens because only one or two tires are usually impacted in the process. Meanwhile, the reasons could range from the driver’s carelessness to the inability to gauge the turning radius. 


Another factor that leaves your vehicle in need of truck alignment in Dallas, TX, is the poor quality of the roads your vehicle frequents. Some interstate highways may have uneven terrain or even large potholes, and the impact can disturb wheel alignment if your truck hits these at a wrong angle. 

Speed Bumps

While speed bumps ensure safety via traffic calming and road awareness, they are also a common cause of wheel misalignment. This mainly happens when the driver does not slow down, thereby lifting one or more wheels excessively over the ground. 

Tips to Prevent Wheel Misalignment 

There are some measures you can take to keep wheel misalignment at bay, and they are:

  • Always check the tires for air pressure, as not maintaining the correct air pressure will throw off wheel alignment. 
  • Choose conservative driving over rash driving, as this will prevent unnecessary pressure on the suspension and steering components, ensuring proper wheel alignment. 

Opt for professional trucking alignment services if you’re noticing any of the above-mentioned signs of wheel misalignment. If not, it’s still better to consult the experts, as they can tell if you’re overdue simply by looking at the tire wear and angles. But, a common rule of thumb is to align the wheels at least once annually. This way, you’ll improve road safety and the lifetime of the tires.