Complete your holiday with a gastronomic adventure; drinking and eating is mostly relaxation and feasting in the end. If you’re visiting Bintan to research and go on a quick escape, trying to find these specialty foods from this earth component should be at the top of your list of Bintan culinary hunts. There’s a wide variety of snacks to enjoy here, such as food with an Oriental influence, so make sure you check out the list of specialty foods that are part of local traditions here.

1. Gonggong

Among the number one food, you must try in Bintan is fish, besides it is mandatory for tourists to try Gonggong and it places it at the top of your list of new items to try. All of these sea slugs are counterparts of French escargot. The locals here consume Gonggong by removing the meat from the shell using a toothpick and then dipping it in the provided sauce. Let the savory taste of the sea and the subtle sweetness of the dough rule your perception! You can find this delicacy in almost all seafood restaurants in Bintan.

2. Sour and Spicy Fish (Ikan Asam Pedas)

This dish is nothing special in Bintan, as you can find it anywhere, including Malaysia and Singapore. But it’s worth considering that Indonesians like mildly spiced dishes that can spoil the mouth. Since Bintan is famous for its fish, this delicacy will generally come with a delicious new fish section that makes the gastronomic experience even more enjoyable.

3. Lakse

Want to eat noodles with curry sauce in Bintan? You can find it in Lakse food (or even Laksa, as you probably understand). This dish is a type of Peranakan cuisine that is often served with sago pasta noodles. Therefore, Lakse is a dish that is a little chewier than noodles in general. The best way to enjoy it is dipped in fish curry, which is sure to make you addicted. You will find variations of dry noodles that resemble fried noodles as well. If you are a lover of Singapore’s regional version of Laksa, you should not miss this Indonesian dish for your favorite dishes taste and gastronomic adventure.

4. Otak-otak

Another dish that should not be missed when coming to Bintan is enjoying otak-otak. This delicacy comes from fresh fish made into fish cakes mixed with spices with tapioca and wrapped in banana leaves. Generally, otak-otak is eaten as a snack or side dish. Back in Bintan, you can also find a typical environmental model of otak-otak made of squid. If you like spicy food, then you will like the generally spicier version. Enjoy otak-otak with peanut butter sauce or any sauce, or feel free to eat it with rice. Enjoy your taste buds on this special deal!

5. Other Indonesian Main Foods

There are some foods that you can get everywhere in Indonesia that you can also find in Bintan. Since you are satisfied with all the trips, you need to try all the authentic Indonesian food you can get, such as fried rice, fried noodles, nasi padang, satay, meatballs, and gado-gado among others. Enjoy all the delicious Indonesian specialties while you are here.

If you stay at Club Med Pulau Bintan, make sure you pay attention to all these basic regional dishes on the resort’s restaurant menu! There are so many places to visit, food, and other attractions on the beautiful island of Bintan. That’s why plan a visit here and put it on your calendar. People coming from Singapore might as well get here via a short ferry ride, so what are you waiting for? Schedule your vacation to Bintan island right now!

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