Why Black Diamond Rings A Class Apart And Best Choice For Engagement Ring

According to the researches, the black diamond is the toughest form of a natural diamond. It is black in color and is mainly found only in the Central African Republic and in Brazil, in neither place associated with kimberlite, the source of typical gem diamonds. Its natural color is black and it is more porous than other diamonds. There are so many hypothetical controversies regarding the origin of black diamonds. Some of them are:

  • The carbon has directly converted into black diamond’s under high pressure.
  • The fission of uranium and thorium resulted in the formation of diamonds induced by radiation.
  • A giant star from supernova fell in that area where these black diamonds are found.

What does black diamond symbolize?

The meaning of the Black diamond is transcendence. The gemstone has been symbolized as power and authority and it has been thought to have a mystic power. Black diamond also symbolizes charisma.

Diamond is used as a wedding ring due to hardness and longevity.

Are Black Diamonds Rings expensive?

Though these diamonds are quite affordable then the price also varies with the size of the diamond.

However, treated black diamonds are very low in price.

Also, the natural fancy black diamonds are very cost-effective as well as attractive. So, the black diamond rings are also a little expensive.

Why should we buy black diamond rings?

We can use black diamonds to make a different type of jewelry like wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, expensive bracelets, etc. Different types of crockery or glass materials can be designed with these beautiful and attractive black diamonds. But the most amusing jewelry is the black diamond ring as the black diamond looks amusing on fingers.

Shine and luster of Black Diamonds

Unlike other diamonds these black diamonds do not shine or sparkle but they definitely are opaque in nature and they absorb light and then reflect it back. These are not like any other fancy diamonds but they are definitely unique in their own way.

The originality of Black Diamonds

Inclusions or blemishes will be visible with professional inspection on a flawed diamond. The clarity of these diamonds affects the value of the diamond, and that remains intact for black diamonds. Most importantly, when it comes to determining if black diamonds are real is to ensure the color is uniform throughout the stone. As these beautiful and attractive black diamonds are not found everywhere so definitely they are very rare to be found. Also, they are not extracted everywhere in the world so they are very high on demand for those who love black colored diamonds.

Share Your Love Collection | Side-Stone Engagement Ring: white gold, black diamond (SYL-P5-CZD-B) | SAVICKI 1976

The hardness of black diamond

Unlike the white or colored fancy diamonds, these black diamonds are quite strong and are known to be the strongest diamonds in the world to date known as Carbonado. Definitely, it is very high aesthetic and then these are not at all flexible; they are very rigid. Black real diamonds are simply black in color. Unlike other diamonds, they are opaque, aware, and shine-less. Black diamond contains some amount of graphite and magnetite elements, which make it look black. Unlike colorless ones, the 4Cs of assessing quality: Color, cut, clarity, and carat don’t apply to black diamonds.

  • Soak the diamond in Luke warm water for 10-15 minutes so as that any layer of oil or dirt loses its grip.
  • Pour this solution in a flat dishpan and put the black diamond in it for nearly an hour.
  • After an hour or so, just take inside out the stone and clean it with the soft-spiked
  • Wash the diamond with pressured hot water to get rid of the remaining solution to film.
  • Buff up the stone using a soft cloth. Use a towel or a clean cloth to avoid getting any scratch on the black diamond.

The durability of the black diamond

Everything in this nature has a lifespan but fortunately, as these are the strongest elemental things found so they are not going to damage so easily. You can be more careful about it but definitely, it will long very last, so this is very cost-effective as well as long-lasting as well as is very rare and this is the perfect choice for those who are very fond of friendship in diamonds.

Don’t rely on the fact that it won’t be ever destroyed or damaged or it will be with you for lifelong this is the misconception.  It won’t happen!  One day it will be destroyed or it will be damaged and you will have to get a new one.

Real Diamonds Will Not Scratch While Rubbing with Sandpaper.

The grit on sandpaper has a hardness ranges from 7 to 9 on the Mohs scale. So rubbing sandpaper on a softer surface than the grit will surely damage the surface as well as reduce the value of the diamond.

Test for an original black Diamond ring

Here are some simple tests to detect a real black diamond:

  • Examine them carefully with a strong Maglite or fiber-optic light. If the edges look any kind of deep brown rather than black, it is surely not a natural black oriental diamond.
  • Examine the surface and facet joins carefully with a standard 10x loupe. If the color across the surface seems spotty, or if color is uneven at the facet joins, it is not a natural black diamond.


Black Diamond has so many advantages still most of us do not know about it.

No doubt colorful diamonds look really attractive but only a classy heart will crave a black one. If you are fond of black color, then definitely you can’t resist buying a black diamond ring, necklace, crockery, or a bracelet or anything.

So we should increase our knowledge about Black diamonds and also I know that black diamonds are one of the rarest species of Diamonds which are a matter of pride to have one. Besides having common diamond rings, you must have one of the black diamond rings as well.