Our great American Independence Day cannot come any sooner as American’s are desperately itching to get out and celebrate after months of pandemic quarantine and now weeks of civil unrest. Everyone has their own traditions when it comes to our great Independence Day, but all of these traditions should probably include a few key things… and we’ll go through them below.

Fireworks: I just figured I’d start the list off with something that literally defines the holiday. Of course, I understand some states do not allow fireworks, but remember, there are some very safe alternatives like sparklers and other smaller fireworks that you can purchase to celebrate your Independence. Worst case scenario, I’m sure there is an app you can get on your phone that will look like you’re shooting fireworks.

Bluetooth Speaker: Speaking of cell phones, everyone is going to have their cell phones ready and present to capture the moments, so you might as well invest in a nice big speaker so that your outdoor festivities can be surrounded in music!

WiFi Hotspot: This one is optional, but still highly recommended. Not only will a WiFi Hotspot like this give you better internet reception, but it also can act as a back-up battery bank to charge up people’s phones as the party continues into the night.

Portable LED Light: This is one you probably didn’t even consider, but when it gets dark, phones have a hard time taking pictures, so I would recommend getting one of those little clip-on LED ring lights that help you take amazing pictures in the dark. Really useful, and helps you document your night well into the nighttime hours.

A Cooler: Where else are you going to store the beer and snack? You’ll need something to put all of your perishable food in while you’re outside playing bag toss or just getting a suntan on that quarantined skin of yours.

Hat: Speaking of suntan, let’s be honest, no matter how much you think you’re going to be good about sunscreen, you just won’t. Haven’t you learned that lesson already from all of your previous 4th of July parties? Get a good hat, maybe something fun with a big wide brim, so that both your face and neck can be covered at the same time by the same hat. No matter how much sunscreen you put on, a whole day outside can be a nightmare for you later if you don’t protect yourself from the sun.

Grill: You’re going to want to cook up some hotdogs and burgers and you’ll need a grill for something like that. Some parks have a grill that is available for common use, while the other, and perhaps more sanitary option considering the pandemic we are just leaving, is to bring your own portable grill. There are both charcoal and propane options for you to choose from, but either way, somebody’s gotta take care of the food.

Cleaning Supplies: I probably wouldn’t have included this item on the list if I had written this blog last year, but this year it is truly a MUST-HAVE. Even though we are starting to get out of the woods on this whole pandemic situation, we aren’t entirely out yet, and it’s important to make sure you clean all of the utensils and surfaces and your hands before you crack another beer or eat another hotdog.

The most important thing, as always, when you are out partying on America’s day of independence is to stay safe and stay aware of your surroundings. Fireworks, alcohol, and a long day in the sun could spell disaster if you aren’t staying careful and conscious of what you’re doing… but otherwise… PARTY ON!