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When you go to the effort of investing in gold, you must have somewhere safe to keep it to protect your investment. There are a few options available to you, but you need to consider where you will store your gold before investing. Below you will find some of the available options to keep your gold, and you can then decide which one suits you best and that you can afford to ensure your gold investment is protected correctly.

A Home Safe

You can consider having a safe installed at home, which is an excellent way to keep things secure and protect your valuables. Unlike a safety deposit box, after the initial outlay of the safe, there are no monthly charges, and you can keep all your valuables at home in one secure place. The cost of a home safe will depend on where it will be fitted and how big it will be, and the bigger the safe, the more secure it is usually. If a safe is too small, thieves may be able to remove it from the premises and open it at their leisure, so you must use an expert to install your safe and listen to their advice as to which one will be best for you.  

A Safety Deposit Box

Another storage option approved by gold bullion dealers Brisbane trusts is a safety deposit box. Banks and other secure places allow you to rent a safety deposit box and store your precious items and documents in them. The price for a safety deposit box varies depending on which company you use and how much space you require. There are often waiting lists at the most popular establishments. However, they are an excellent way to keep your valuables protected, and you will be safe in the knowledge that if something should happen to them, you are fully insured.  

Use The Secure Storage Of Your Bullion Dealer

You also find that many reputable dealers selling gold and silver bullion will also provide storage for a fee. If you have nowhere else to store your investment, it is worth considering using these services, although you will want to compare prices and do plenty of research. The monthly charge will depend on how much you need to store, and you will also have to consider shipping fees when taking out your investment, unless you sell it back to the same dealer. As with a safety deposit box, you also have insurance coverage should anything happen to your possessions, so you can rest easy at night knowing that your investment is safe.

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The only other option you may be considering is keeping it at home and hiding it somewhere you hope that nobody will find it. However, depending on how much gold you have, you may find that your standard home insurance will not cover you for loss or theft, so you will need to speak to your insurance company first. If you have nowhere safe to store your investment and do not take out adequate insurance, you risk losing everything you have worked hard for.