What You Should Be Able to Get in Web Hosting

The dedicated server has been reinvented and have features a website owner should be able to enjoy great flexibility that was only previously found in the virtual cloud. With 100% dedicated server performance, you can now get:

  • Pay-per-use billing;
  • Full API control;
  • Balanced load;
  • Deployment time in some cases only 8 minutes.

Dedicated servers 

With cheap dedicated servers, you can now expect to get:

  • Best in server hardware;
  • API and cloud integration;
  • Unlimited traffic. 

Server hardware

Most web hosting companies should offer you high-performance servers such as Intel® “CPUs with SSD/NVME storage”. You can configure your own server and be reassured that these resources are not being shared by other clients’ blogs or websites. 

API & cloud integration

These new servers that are dedicated offer quite useful API control. You will share access loads as well as connect your server with virtual machines so as to build as well as customize your infrastructure. 

Unlimited traffic

This also gives you unlimited traffic which is free and applies both outgoing and incoming data. Standard of bandwidth is now fast, 1 Gbits. Servers configured with the scalable Intel® Xeon® processors now have the option of being able to add additional bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit/s.

With a dedicated server

Since competition is great for your web hosting business due to the number of hosting firms you should be looking for little perks also such as:

  • Per-minute billing;
  • Start with $200 credit – included as a bonus with most packages;
  • No fees for setup;
  • No minimum contract duration. 

Choice of data centers

Most professionally managed hosting services will be able to offer you data center locations in USA, Germany, UK, and Spain. 

What the cost should be

With a reliable hosting company, you should be able to get everything mentioned above by the minute billing of 100 GB for $7.20 monthly. This should also give you a 1 Gbit/s external server connection as the standard. You should also be able to get reset or re-initialization when needed as well as 24/7 expert support with a time limit for how long you will need to wait for them to get back to you.