On the Lookout for CBD Oil – Red Flags to Consider


A report published by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis indicate that in 2019, there were more than 6 million people in the United Kingdom that have used oils, capsules and other products containing Cannabidiol in one time or another. From this group, as much as 1.3 million are regular users, using CBD balm and oils to ease pain, anxiety and other health conditions. 

There is a growing worldwide growth for alternative therapies, and this include CBD products. UK laws does not classify CBD controlled substances. Thus the use of these products is legal and allowable. As long as a certified seller follow certain regulations, they can market and sell such products. 

But not all sellers are lawful. Some are intending to make quick profit from consumers. These unscrupulous entities can be identified by the red flags they manifest when selling their questionable products. One common example is with the use of highly outrageous claims about the almost-miraculous medical efficacy of the products they are peddling. 

Even if they are allowed to sell CBD oils and balms, they could not make any therapeutic or curative claims, as such products are yet to receive proper licensing as medicines. So, people who are on the lookout for good CBD products to buy, should watch out for these outlandish claims and other red flags that will tell them that they may be dealing with questionable suppliers. If you want to know more, check out this informative infographic brought to you by Love CBD