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KRISHNA THE BIRTH – A Must Watch Cartoon Movie

Genre: Cartoon

Duration: 73 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

Animated Character :Krishna, Kamsa, Devaki, Vasudeva, Ugrasena, Jarasandha

Director :Rajeev Chilakalapudi

Producer : Rajeev Chilakalapudi, Ajay patadia

Music Director: Sunil Kaushik.

SFX and Editing : P Ramesh

As per the Puranas, this story is based in Dwapar Yuga, which was approximately held 5000yrs ago in Mathura, where a devil in the form of Kamsa son of Ugrasena and prince of Mathura, who was a very great warrior, was torturing his own people to the core, the helpless people started praying to God to save them.

At the same time, there was a messenger from Jarasandha, King of Magadha, who was ready to invade Mathura has Kamsa paid a deaf ear to the message.Jarasandha has sent his elephant to district Mathura. Kamsa has given a befitting reply by lifting the elephant single-handedly and throwing it on Jarasandha’s camp. Later Jarasantha got furious about Kamsa’s strength and got his daughters Asti and Prapti married to Kamsa.

Later Kamsa continued concerning other kingdoms with his bad deeds, and with his increased greed to power, Kamsa has declared war on lord Indra, and to invade Indra, Kamsa seeks the information from NaradhaMunindra, who suggested Kamsa take the help of Asura’s.

As per the plan Kamsa had started to conquer Indra, Lord Indra couldn’t withstand the power of Asuras, ran to seek the help of lord Vishnu on his Iravatham, and in the meantime, Kamsa had returned to Mathura to attend his sister Devaki wedding with his close friend Vasudeva. What happened next? Did lord Vishnu save Indra? Or how long did Kamsa continue his cruel deeds? Did the Mathura people finally get freedom from cruel king Kamsa?


  • Rajeev Chilakalapudi has presented the story in a mythological treasure house. We are executing in a rich screenplay.
  • Krishna Birth shows traditional moral values.
  • Kids can easily understand the screen presence; the stories pass through generation to generation.
  • The character of Kamsa has shown very well and clearly.
  • Music by Sunil Kaushik is a major highlight.
  • Krishna, the loveable Birth story of any age group, streaming on Aha OTT.


Krishna The Birth is the perfect pick for your kids and children to watch animation movies online at Aha Videos. Watch animation movies online at Aha!

Krishna idolizes the eighth avatar of the God Vishnu. It is a story of the reason for the Birth of Vishnu as Krishna in dwaparayuga. Krishna the Birth clearly showed Kamsa’s cruel deeds concerning the kingdom. Don’t miss watching Krishna The Birth in AHA OTT.