When it comes to filters for your water, the options which you have now has catapulted. Simply put, the options are quite a lot. While this might be true, having a water filter is a decision which should be thought about carefully. This is especially when it involves a tap filter from USA Berkey. To pick the best tap filter for your home, there are some factors which would play a lot in your consideration. These factors could be the difference between making the right decisions and simply getting a product which you would regret sometime in the future. Here are some of the most important factors to consider;


Now when it comes to your tap filter, one of the most important things you would have to consider is the size of the filter. You would surely have to go for a filter which can fit perfectly with your tap. It would be preferable that the tap filter should be one which can fit perfectly over the countertop. One tap filter which especially fits these criteria would be the Berkey water filter. With so many models that can fit over the countertop, you would be certain to get the best out of your tap filter.

Quantity of persons it can carry

Another factor which you would have to consider is the number of persons which it can carry. At this moment, you must strike a balance. There are a lot of filter systems which can carry up to 20 persons and there are some which are just made for 1-4 persons. It is up to you. It is recommended however that you get a filter system which would be just right for you.

Also bear in mind that when a filter system has been fully configured, it would have the ability to take so much more. It is all based on the next factor which we shall consider.


Yes, no matter how much we plan, we can do nothing if we do not have the funds to back us up. Therefore, an important factor to consider would be our budget. The truth is that filters can be quite expensive and very few filters can be said to be below the $400. Therefore, if you find yourself on a budget, then it would be important to consider all your options before you commit.  Durability

One thing which should also be taken into consideration would be the durability of the product. How many gallons your filter can take and how long the filters can last would surely be some of the things which you would have to consider. The very best tap filters would have a life span of 1-3 years depending on the size of the filter. They can use about 7 gallons per hour and can last up to three years when it comes to lifespan.

The truth is that choosing a tap filter can be difficult. With so many deals on the lines, it can take you forever to make up your mind on what you want. However, considering these factors would help you reach a great conclusion. Choosing wisely would probably affect the quality of water which you and your family would drink for the foreseeable future. It is surely not a small decision to make.