If you have been invited to a job interview, you need to get adequately prepared to ensure that you can get picked by the interviewer.  It is a norm to revise basic queries they may pose about your profession and also prepare for possible queries that they may ask about the skills you have listed in your Resume.  Additionally, you should learn as many things as possible about the company since you may equally be questioned in that area. Additionally, you should make good use of any opportunity to discuss with the interviewer. In the course of this write-up, we will enlighten you about some of the questions that you can ask the recruiter during a job interview. 

Who do you consider as the right candidate for the job?

Answers to this question can give you an idea of what the recruiter is looking for and this will help you to model yourself into the perfect candidate.  It will also enable you to properly model your responses to the interview queries in a way to brighten your chance of getting the job. This is among the best of the questions for recruiters.

What are the required qualities and skills?

You can equally ask the recruiter about the qualities and skills that are expected in the potential employee.  In most instances, potential employers do not provide a lot of details about the qualities they need in an employee on the vacancy posting.  Asking about the required skills will get you more informed about the job posting and how to be better prepared for the interview. This will help to brighten your chance of landing the job. 

For how long had the vacancy remained open?

You should not hesitate to ask this question also when the opportunity arises.  It should be included in the questions for recruiters as it will also get you better prepared for the job.  The question will help you to detect how much demand is on that job and if the assessment or requirement is strict or not. If the job posting was posted say some six months ago and no one had been hired yet, it is possible that people do not have much interest in the job or that the requirements are too strict.  It is equally possible that the professionalism required for the post is somewhat rare. If the job posting is recent, on the other hand, it may mean that competition for the job will be very high. 

What is the salary range for that position?

Never forget to also ask the employer about the salary range for the position being advertised.  In fact, this is about the major question to ask the employer. You will lonely need to ask this question if the job posting does not include information about the salary.