Training And Information Of Asbestos Workers

As a major public health concern, asbestos is also a central problem for employers whose employees are, or maybe, depending on the trades they practice, in contact with asbestos materials.

Because beyond asbestos removal company Nottingham specializing in asbestos removal or in the containment of asbestos materials, which must comply with drastic labour regulations for the protection of their employees, there are others whose employees may be in occasional contact with asbestos-containing materials in the context of their professional activities.

Finally, we will study in the way asbestos waste and materials containing asbestos must be treated at the end of an asbestos removal site.

Information For Operators

The employer is required to draw up a “job description” for each work station or work situation exposing workers to asbestos dust. This notice, which must be updated if necessary, is intended to inform workers of the risks to which their work may expose them and of the measures taken to avoid them. It also recalls the applicable hygiene rules and, where applicable, the instructions relating to the use of collective or individual protective equipment.

Operator Training

Operators must receive safety training that is easily understood by the employee. This training once carried out by an accredited training organization, is validated in the form of an individual competence certificate issued to the worker.

The Labor Code, within the framework of the provisions concerning the prevention of the risks of exposure to asbestos, distinguishes between two situations.

Based on this distinction, the Labor Code imposes specific training for each of the employees who find themselves, in the context of their activity, in one or other of these situations.