The game of baseball is almost incomplete without the usage of dip tobacco by many of the players. Most companies are hiring baseball players and bull riders as their brand ambassadors. Although dip tobacco has affected the game of baseball significantly, it has equally enjoyed by many regular customers and users from around the world due to the benefits of smokeless vs smoke tobacco products.

Historical aspects of the tradition

Baseball has been commonly referred to as the religion of the nation and holds special regard in the eyes of most Americans. However, there is not much knowledge about the number of players who use dip tobacco in their daily routine. According to some research, more than 20% of the baseball players used dip tobacco while playing the game. It is thought that players use dip tobacco because it somehow enhances their performance because of the presence of nicotine in the product. It is also assumed that nicotine helps in enhancing some physiological aspects. The usage of dips became common among baseball players because of its moistness, as it helped the players in keeping their mouths moist during long games. Players also used the product under the scorching heat of the sun on the dusty grounds, while the tobacco spit helped them with dry mouth.

A home run

Americans have been crazy about baseball since 1920. At that time, every baseball team had a tobacco sponsor. The usage of dip tobacco was pretty common among individuals who used to play on the ground. Many players use dip tobacco also because there is no smoke and they can use chewing or dip tobacco products without affecting users around them with smoke and secondhand fumes. There are also now different products on the market that don’t use tobacco at all and some websites are offering different alternative products without the traditional tobacco leaf or stem.

Black Buffalo, Cowboy Coffee, BaccOff, and Smokey Mountain are some of the best brands that are offering dip tobacco for existing adult tobacco consumers who are at least 21 years old. These companies claim that their products are great for current tobacco users and some are producing products without nicotine and some make it with nicotine; it all depends on the user and the preference.

An outright ban

At present major league baseball has banned the players from consuming tobacco related products openly. This has also restricted the players from carrying the dip cans in their pockets to the ground or even uses it in public. Although many players have said that no institution has the right to make decisions for them as these institutions don’t reserve the right to mandate someone to have a good habit or bad habit. Nevertheless, as a historical view many players used tobacco chewing and tobacco dip products in the past and many continue to enjoy chewing tobacco products and tobacco dip alternative products at their leisure and outside of their sports or other pastimes. The trend now is to use products without smoke so this is a category that continues to be used by many people around the world.