In this era, insurance is considered as a protection against unforeseen events that can ruin one financially. The human body has to face various health issues after the age of 40. Due to bad habits and poor lifestyle as well as stress, one has to face diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. The treatments to overcome the diseases are costly. If one has not made sufficient provision, he has to bear massive financial loss due to illness. After the age of 60, diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure can be life-threatening, and treatments for the same takes a long time, which is almost unbearable for anyone. To overcome this situation, one needs to have insurance, which can help him in a critical period.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a cover that can protect the policyholder against the cost of treatment of particular illnesses. Different companies have different plans under which various diseases are covered. There are also plans under which pre-existing diseases are included, which means if the policyholder already suffers from some illnesses, the insurance company will cover them also if he gets the insurance, and if the claim comes, it will be paid by the concerned company. In the majority of health insurance plans, pre-existing diseases are not covered. In case of such a policy, the insurance companies offer protection against new diseases but not pre-existing, and to include them, the policyholder has to wait for a specific period say three years.

The tips to get the best insurance after the age of 60:

  • Keep your medical record maintained: The insurance companies prefer to offer the cover to those who take care of their health. If you care for it with a proper record and check-up, they can trust you. They have different parameters as per which they rate the client, and this is one of the essential parameters. Your medical record can display your overall health status, and hence if it is consistent, the insurance company feels less risk on its policy. It can help you brighten getting good medical coverage.
  • Have a regular diet:This is not just a tip. It is a way of living. After a certain age, you must avoid the food which can trouble your body. The more you develop a proper diet, the less you will have to face health issues. Those who care for health are the primary choice for insurance companies to offer excellent cover at a low rate. You can maintain your body weight, which will go in your favor, and with the benefit of a healthy life, you will also get protection against the financial trouble in case of health issues.
  • Exercise well:If you go for regular exercise, it will automatically boost your immunity leading to a happy and healthy life. Medically your weight must be in control as per your age, which is a primary symptom of good health. The insurance company checks various reports from which it can derive the status of one’s health. If you go for regular exercise, it will also be reflected in your health as well as medical report. It can be an added advantage that can help you not only in getting the coverage but also getting the same at a moderate rate.
  • Don’t hide anything from the insurance company:The moment you decide to apply for the insurance and fill the application form, you are supposed to answer various questions about your medical status. If the company requires, it can also ask you for some reports. The primary principle of insurance is mutual trust, and as one of the parties to contract, you must not hide any material fact from the insurance company. Even if you hide the facts, they will be caught one day, and if the claim is there, the insurance company can reject it on the ground of not disclosing all the facts. Hence it is better to provide all the relevant details to the insurance company in the early stage only.
  • Go for regular health checkups: This is again not for only getting insurance. After a certain age, you must know what is happening in your body, and that is why you must get it checked regularly. In case while going for insurance, you come to know some developments of complications you may have no option than following the decision of the insurance company, but if you know it in advance, you may find out some way.
  • Check with different insurance companies: In this era, there is enormous competition in the insurance sector also. You need to check various terms and conditions with different companies and then see which company can offer a better policy and coverage to you. If you have diabetes or blood pressure or both, you can discuss the same with different companies and check their quotes. If one insurance provider informs not to cover pre-existing disease, you need to check the same with others and see what it can offer and what the rate of premium is.
  • Cashless claim or reimbursement: In the market, some companies offer the facility of cashless treatment while some go for reimbursement. Those companies which provide cashless facility also have various clauses that you must check. If there is no better choice with you, you may have to go for the reimbursement also.

These are the tips that can prove useful for you to have adequate insurance coverage after the age of 60.