Organize recruitment with ease and for all participants: this is the goal of e-recruitment. From the job offer to the final hiring through the application process, some simplifications can take place both on the side of the candidate and the company offering the position. Thanks to digital technology, complex processes can be simplified, smoothed and accelerated. For this, several types of online recruitment can be used. For selling merchant services this is important.

What Is Candidate Management?

Almost all companies are, from time to time, on the lookout for new talent. In the best case, the company receives several applications, of varying qualities. It is then a question of not losing direction and of reacting in an appropriate manner. A good management of the candidacies is therefore necessary: ​​it is about a clear system allowing you to manage the organization of the candidatures. And this is not to be taken lightly, as poor management could result in two major problems for your business:

You will eventually pass up the best candidates: if you do not take a step back or if you react too slowly, you may be missing out on the top talent and thereby favoring competition.

Your professional image can be tarnished: if you do not behave as you would expect from a professional company, your reputation can deteriorate. Job seekers are often better connected to each other than one might think and criticism of your application process will soon catch on in the industry.

However, if you do an efficient application management, you can enjoy some important advantages:

  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Continuous data protection
  • Consolidation of the employer brand

Effective application management goes through all stages of the process and is seen as a holistic concept. Plan your management so that each level fits directly into the next, creating an efficient system.

Job Offer

First of all, it is necessary to publish a relevant job offer. While it is essential to ensure that you write attractive and relevant text, it is also essential to publish it at the right time. Only post the job posting when you and your company are ready to go through the entire application process. In this context, also take into account the order book, public holidays and vacations. Before posting, you should think about the channels through which you want to post your job posting.

Receipt of the Application

As soon as the offer is published, the first applications will arrive at your company. It is therefore important to be well organized so as not to miss out on applications. Take into account that applications can sometimes arrive through different channels: by post or email and in some cases, orally, depending on your specifications and the structure of the company. Also remember to send people interested in the job an acknowledgment of receipt to open the discussion early.

Selection Process

If you’ve received all applications and the application deadline has passed, you can start sorting through cover letters and resumes. Selection usually takes place in several stages, and a quick glance at the formalities gives you a first impression of which candidates to consider, and which ones you can already rule out. By comparing them to the requirement profile, you can highlight the people you would like to see for an interview. If all goes well, after the interviews you should have found one or more person (s) for the job.