Standing desk popularity and demand has increased. It has led to manufacturers offering a plethora of options making it difficult to choose the right standing desk. Below is a standing desk buyer’s guide that can help to make an educated decision.

What is the standing desk?

It is an umbrella term that includes all kinds of desk including a fixed height desk or sit-stand desk or height adjustable desk. PrimeCables stand up desk is also termed as height-adjustable or sit to stand desk, where you can stand comfortably while working and when you sit just adjust the desk height. Its flexibility is crucial to easily alternate between standing and sitting during the whole day.

Reasons to use a standing desk

Height adjustable desks from PrimeCables offer many health benefits like –

  • Sitting for a long time is unhealthy, so health-conscious people choose to add both alternative standing and sitting.
  • The standing desk helps users move more and burn calories.
  • It has also revealed that standing desks increase productivity significantly.

Height adjustable desk types

  1. Manual sit-stand desks – The cheapest option with many limitations.
  2. Electric sit-stand desks – Push-button controls but look for quality motors with low noise level.
  3. Standing desk converters – It sits on top of your current desk and can be adjusted up & down.
  4. Portable standing desks – Workers or mechanics or teachers moving around a lot can find this option ideal.

Factors to consider while choosing a height-adjustable sit-stand desk

Determine the purpose

  • For laptop only standing desk converter is not suitable.
  • For keyboard & monitor large portable or electric sit-stand desk is great.
  • For keyboard, monitor, and books a large flat working space is needed.

Your height and body shape

All sit-stand desks differ in their design. Some are aimed for adults with average weight and height. A few are better suited for a big or small frame.

  • For tall people, electric desks are suitable as they extend sufficiently offering weight capacity and stability. No concerns about topping over the edge.
  • For small people desk converters are hard to move up and down because the area holds a monitor and keyboard. An electric sit-stand desk is recommended.

Customization options

Height adjustable desks can be customized in terms of –

  • Desktop size and color
  • Frame size and color
  • Feet type
  • Available in large, medium, and small sizes

You can visit the PrimeCables website to check the range of sit-stand desk they offer!