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Roles to be Performed by the Potential HOA Management Company 

There has been a fine line difference between the responsibilities of the Chandler AZ HOA management and the HOA board. However, there have been some parts of the community that a former should not handle without the assistance of the board. With the assistance of the HOA management service, you would be able to take a closer look at the list of responsibilities discussed in brief. 

Late fee violations 

While the HOA management companies should gather dues, they should not be able to waive the late fees of parking violations for the residents favorable to them. Several associations have established a violation or grievance committee for such a scenario. Before the owner would be fined or legal action would be taken against them, they should be approved by the board and not by the manager. 

Modifications to the architecture 

The HOA manager would be required to oversee the construction of the new parking lot or flowerbed, there would be several major aesthetic changes made to the community and approved by the HOA. It would be a great idea to appoint a specific committee for overseeing the architectural modification applications in the best manner possible. 

However, the approval should always come from the board. It would be relatively easy for the manager to be influenced by any owner and affect the aesthetics of the community. 

Annual audits and budgets 

An HOA management company should not have a free resign to sign and check on behalf of the HOA. It should not be done over a specific limit. You should rest assured that the annual audit that should be recommended for every organization should be performed by an independent CPA along with the board. It would e largely helpful in curbing the issues of embezzlement. 

These responsibilities would be a few important roles that your potential HOA Management Company needs to perform.