• Ceramic is a lifesaver, quite literally

Owing to their robust nature, armoured jackets that are used by cops, bodyguards and the military is made with ceramic to shield them from bullets shot from high calibre rifles.

  • Ceramic is extensively used in electronics

A substantial amount of equipment relies on ceramics for their operative features. Components such as capacitors, resistors and insulators are made up of ceramic. To put it plainly, technology would be non-existent if it wasn’t for ceramic.

  • Tiles inspired artistry

An artistic prodigy by the name of Maurits Cornelis Escher from the Netherlands was so impressed by the tessellation of tiles that he went on to make a career out of it. It became an obsession with him that he found hard to break away from. His artwork changed radically after his acquaintance with tiles. He was inspired by the Alhambra zellige and used it frequently in his work. Prior to this, his collection mostly centred around Nature. This took a turn and he began focusing more on geometric patterns and such.

  • Sydney opera house

The Sydney opera house is decked completely with tiles! You can actually purchase the exact same tile from any retailer. You may not end up constructing an admired masterpiece constituting a world heritage site but it can serve to be an interesting tale for tea parties.

  • Artificial limbs

As a corollary to ceramic research, they have also been bio-engineered to fuse with body tissue and bone with minimal friction or rejection. They are used in orthopaedic implants and bone grafts. Dentistry employs the uses of ceramics in the making of dental crowns.

  • Aircrafts

Tiles are used in space shuttles and rockets. Yet again, ceramic comes to the rescue, bringing with itself insulation properties that protect the vehicle from drastic temperature fluctuations while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. They are also utilized in the exhaust cones of rockets.

  • House interiors

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramiques Carreaux Metro provides installation and renovation services at your convenience. Fun fact: Baking soda works like a charm in cleaning tiles.

  • History

The Arabs were the first people to introduce tiles to Europe. They built majestic structures like the Alhambra in Granada and the Mosque of Cordoba. The Assyrians were the pioneers of tile application. There are numerous tile production practices like majolica, rope, and edge. Portugal is another country that uses tiles in their city infrastructure without restraint.