is the my pillow company in financial trouble

Is the My Pillow company in financial trouble

My Pillow, a household name for many in the U.S., has garnered significant attention not only for its signature pillows but also due to its outspoken CEO, Mike Lindell. With controversies, claims, and media buzz, many are left wondering: “Is the My Pillow company in financial trouble?” In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll demystify the financial situation surrounding My Pillow and discern fact from fiction.

The Origins of My Pillow

Founded in 2004 by Mike Lindell, My Pillow catapulted to fame with its infomercials, charismatic CEO, and claims of a unique, adjustable fill. The brand proudly emphasizes its USA-made products and has expanded its range to include mattresses, bed frames, and other sleep-related accessories.

Financial Triumphs

Over the years, My Pillow has undoubtedly seen substantial success:

  1. Infomercial Success: The brand’s infomercials, often featuring Lindell himself, became a hallmark of their marketing strategy, leading to a surge in sales.
  2. Diverse Product Line: Branching out from just pillows, the company delved into various bedding products, tapping into a broader market.
  3. Retail Partnerships: My Pillow products found their way into renowned stores, further solidifying their market presence.

The Winds of Controversy

My Pillow’s journey hasn’t been devoid of turbulence, with several events stirring public debate:

  1. Political Inclinations: Mike Lindell’s political stances, especially his avid support for former President Donald Trump, brought both support and backlash.
  2. Claims and Lawsuits: The brand faced lawsuits over advertising claims, notably about their pillows alleviating health conditions. This resulted in settlements and changes in marketing language.
  3. Retail Backouts: Following various controversies, some retail partners chose to discontinue My Pillow products, impacting the company’s distribution network.

Financial Health: A Closer Look

The real question remains: have controversies and external factors translated into financial trouble for My Pillow?

Revenue Streams

My Pillow’s primary revenue has been through direct sales, infomercials, and retail partnerships. While the latter faced challenges, direct sales, especially from the company’s loyal customer base, remained robust.

Operational Costs

Any company’s financial health isn’t just about revenue but also operational costs. My Pillow, with its U.S.-based manufacturing, faces higher production costs than overseas competitors. However, the brand often touts this as a unique selling proposition, potentially justifying premium pricing.

Media and PR

Given the media’s spotlight on Lindell and My Pillow, it’s conceivable that the brand has faced increased PR costs. Controversies, while drawing attention, also necessitate damage control, which can be a financial drain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did some retailers discontinue My Pillow products?

Certain retailers chose to cut ties with My Pillow following political controversies associated with its CEO, Mike Lindell.

Has My Pillow changed its advertising claims?

Yes, after facing lawsuits over certain health-related claims in its advertising, My Pillow adjusted its marketing language.

Are all My Pillow products made in the USA?

My Pillow emphasizes its USA-made products, a factor they consider a unique selling point amidst competitors.

How does media attention impact My Pillow’s sales?

Media attention, both positive and negative, significantly influences brand perception. For My Pillow, while controversies might deter some customers, they also bolstered their visibility and drew support from certain sections of the public.


The financial trajectory of My Pillow is a blend of soaring successes and challenging controversies. While the company has faced its share of hurdles, particularly in the media spotlight, it remains a significant player in the bedding industry. As with many businesses, the balance between revenue, operational costs, and public perception dictates its financial health. Only time will reveal the long-term financial fate of My Pillow.