Reading the tea leaves: Extrapolating insights from raw data that at first glance have no added value. This is the challenge taken up by a data scientist.

At the crossroads of applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science, data science online training in hyberadad is considered a branch of artificial intelligence and plays a vital role in the profitability and productivity of an organization in all sectors.

By uncovering unknown correlations and accurate prediction models, data science can help make better decisions.

With digital, all companies face problems similar to their scale to those already partly overcome by Internet pure-players. Their day-to-day operations generate increasing amounts of data that they must fully exploit at the risk of losing their competitive advantage quickly or even permanently.

How Can Data Science Benefit The Reputation And Image Of An Institution And Its Leaders On The Web?

Digital influence and e-reputation are not immune to the democratization of Data Science. Indeed, applied to social media data, this discipline allows us to study without limits complex social systems that can influence how we understand and respond to communication strategy issues.

Make an inventory to assess my online presence.

When I Am Mentioned In The Media Or Social Networks

What are the themes addressed there? What is the polarity of these said mentions? How am I perceived?

When I Communicate On Social Networks

What posts, content types, or hashtags work best?

Understand My Community To Better Speak To It

The Socio-Demographic Profiles Of My Fans

Where do they come from? In what language do they communicate? What professions do they exercise? Who are the influencers that I manage to engage?

Their Interests,

What media do they read on Facebook? What personalities and organizations are they interested in?

Their Uses,

At what times are the most receptive? Do they prefer to be spoken to in a formal or personal tone? What subjects make them react the most?

To these issues and many others, the Data division responds by relying on algorithms developed in-house: emotion analysis, tone analysis, automatic extraction of themes and controversies, automatic extraction of features personality, etc.

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