After being flattered by having been asked to be the best man, you need to begin the planning. If you want to do a proper job this will take months unless you have been preparing for such an eventuality, in which case, planning should be a breeze. Before you get swept up about all the activities that you want to plan and the strip clubs you should hit on the night of the bucks party, there’s that little matter of who pays for it all? Does the groom pay for his own stag party?

There are many arguments that can be made. If you are returning a favour for him being the best man at your wedding and he made you pay for it all, it’s only fair that you should expect him to pay for his. However, as a general rule, expecting the groom should not have to pay for his own bucks party. It is cheap and tacky. Besides, the guy already has to pay his share for the wedding and the honeymoon and pay for suddenly finding himself with someone else dependent on him.

Maybe the groom is loaded, he can afford to [ay for his own bucks party strippers. He has more money than you or anyone in the group then it’s not totally unfair to expect the guy to pay for his own party. The decent thing to do it seems is to let everyone pay their own way or contribute something towards the total cost of the entire bill. Your job as the best man is to make sure that your laundry list of things to do at the bucks party gets paid for, even if you have to carry some of the costs yourself.

Being best man isn’t an easy job. You are the one who has to find bucks party strippers and be discrete about It., even if the bride says: “absolutely no strippers.” Why do we ignore the bride to be? Because it’s not her do but your mates do. Your crew already expects to see a titty show and they will hate you for living it out. Your friend might be angry that you ignored his “no stripper” request but he will look back at the night and remember how wild and fun it was. He will get over it.

If you are going to booze it up and do other activities have a clear idea of what it’s going to cost per person. Hire an event planner; or better yet, buy those strip club packages that take the stress off you and allow you to have some bit of fun.  Those have a clear price cap and you can split the cost between the guys and get them to pay up before the night of the bucks party instead of having them scramble for cash at the last minute.

Remember that the stag party might be an important night but it is not the important day. The main event is the day of the wedding. You need to deliver the groom in good condition. Sober him up. Get him looking his best and make sure no one on the groom’s side of the wedding party does not mess up.