How to Make Use of Endoscopy Instruments Safely?

Endoscopy instruments are supplied with product-specific instructions for usage, which give all information required for using the product.

Some product-specific directions for usage refer to the “System Guide Endoscopy.” In these situations, all the related details are givenin the “System Guide Endoscopy” applies to the product.

If the details that are given by the “System Guide Endoscopy” is not appropriate to a certain item, particular info given in the product-specific guidelines for usage.

Customer Certification

The customer of endoscopic tools must be a doctor or clinical employees under the guidance of a doctor. The individual must have obtained sufficient training in scientific treatments. Endoscopy instrument instructions for use do not explain or discuss medical procedures.

Spare tools

Constantly have spare tools offered to change the tools in the situation of a malfunction.


Infection control risk with recyclable equipment

Inappropriate and/or incomplete reprocessing can cause infection of the patient and/or clinical workers.

  • Correctly recycle all multiple-use equipment before very first and each subsequent usage following the guidelines in this “System Guide Endoscopy” and in the product-specific guidelines for use.

Infection control risk with sterile, single-use equipment

The devices are provided in a sanitized condition.

  • Use only if the bundle is undamaged.
  • Only open the package promptly before use.Do not make use of the tools after its expiry date, if an expiration date is offered.
  • Dispose of ended devices according to national and regional regulations as well as guidelines.

Instrument compatibility

The combinations of devices, as well as accessories that can be used with a particular product, are detailed in their product-specific instructions for usage. The area is headed “Suitable Elements” or “Compatible Equipment.” New products launched after the introduction of a product may likewise be compatible for use.


Danger of injury or tools damage

  • Utilizing inappropriate equipment can result in individual injury and/or equipment damages. If mixes of equipment other than those detailed in the “Suitable Components” area are made use, the full duty is accepted by the user.