Digitalization is taking hold in many industries. The shift in evaluating technology-related services is leading the businesses to adopt and adapt technology to be abreast with the future. In addition to advances in automation, it’s vital to turn new opportunities into new successes. In this scenario, corporate leaders/aspiring professionals can benefit from the Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) course to tailor their skills for the future. DEM course introduces professionals to emerging technologies and their impact on businesses. It also exposes candidates to business management, data analytics and emerging leadership styles in the corporate world. IIM Udaipur’s Digital Enterprise Management Course provides a master’s degree to equip professionals with contemporary practices of emerging technologies and data-driven decision making. 

What is a Digital Enterprise Management Course

The IIM Udaipur’s DEM course is a much needed digital business course prepared in consultation with industry experts. The course is ideal for professionals with a graduate degree and more than three years of work experience. 

Benefits of Enrolling into a Digital Enterprise Management Course

The one-year course does not only help students to learn new skills in managing technologies but also exposes to multiple other opportunities including,

  • The DEM course would provide corporate leaders with a skill-set to improve business processes to navigate the unpredictability 
  • The digital enterprise management course would enable professionals for the next phase of their careers to work efficiently in the digital business enterprises 
  • The DEM course allows students to understand the concepts of management fundamentals, data analytics, digital industry practices and solving problems through practical projects in the context of business management
  • The DEM course also helps students become future-ready to add new perspectives of how these modern technologies work
  • Overall it enables students to understand the implication of technology in a business context

Program Requirement

Enrolment in the one-year MBA in digital enterprise management is highly competitive and is limited to the following:

  • Professionals should have a minimum of 10+2 years of school education and a minimum of 3 years of a graduate degree or a global equivalent of the same
  • Candidates with a valid GMAT/GRE score, the standardized test score, can apply
  • Work experience of minimum 3+ years

Admission Process

Interested applicants need to follow the following steps for admission in DEM:

  • Fill in the online application form
  • Applicants are shortlisted based on the eligibility criteria and personal interview
  • Admission offer is made based on the applicant’s academic performance, relevant work experience, score in GMAT/GRE and personal interview

Highlights of the DEM Course

  • Digital Enterprise Terminologies: Students will study the terminologies and concepts of digital enterprise management and learn how to apply them practically.
  • Learn the Best Practices: Students will acquire the highest standards required in digital enterprise management and new technologies related to digital transformation.
  • Learn from Academicians and Industry Experts: Students will learn from prominent academics and industry experts through case studies, simulations, frameworks and practical lab projects to be compliant with digital solutions.
  • Become a Problem-solver: The DEM course gives the experience of solving real-world problems involving technology and analytics. 
  • Attain Leadership Skills: IIM Udaipur’s Centre for Digital Enterprise creates an environment for thought leadership in digital transformation and expands research opportunities in the field. 

To conclude, digital transformation is inevitable; COVID-19 has also taught us to ensure better preparedness in future. The post-pandemic world will need business leaders to sustain business continuity by understanding leading-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Therefore, we need to stay prepared and correct our digital strategies by plugging the gaps, wherever required. The Digital Enterprise Management course at IIM Udaipur can be an excellent option for professionals who want to be future-ready.