Unfortunately, rubbish removal in London doesn’t just happen on its own. It often takes a group of like-minded people to help clear up the messes that other people make. It’s a sad fact that there seems to be so many people in London and throughout the country who think it’s OK to just dump their rubbish wherever they see fit. They have no thought for the eyesore that they create for everyone else or for the harm that they are causing to the environment or local wildlife. Luckily, for the community in London, there are groups of people fighting to tackle this problem. They might not have made the mess but these local heroes are working hard to clean it up. One such group is The Friends of Woolwich Common, who meet on a monthly basis to do a litter pick and to keep the park nice and clean.

Woolwich Common

Woolwich Common is a large stretch of common land in South-East London. Some of it is used for military purposes but the rest is open to the public and it is mainly used for jogging or dog walking. Some sports do take place on Barrack Field, in fact during the 2012 Olympics the field was used for the shooting competition. The London marathon also passes through Woolwich Common every year. The land is also a conservation area, perhaps because of the wildlife that makes their home there or because of historical significance. Either way, for the community, to think it is OK to throw down their litter wherever they like and blight this beautiful space is heartbreaking. For us at Clearabee, the environment is very much at the heart of everything we do. This is why, when we perform rubbish removal in London, we divert as much as we can to recycling centres rather than letting it go to landfill. We don’t want to blight the generations to come with our unwanted goods when they could be recycled and used again now.

The Litter Picks

Luckily, there is a team on hand to take on the problem of litter in the area. The Friends of Woolwich Common meet once a month, usually on Sundays for an hour and a half so that they can perform their own version of rubbish removal in London. They meet at Car Park 1, which is just off Stadium Road and head out onto the common together to give it a good clean up. It is bound to be a great community event, full of like-minded people who feel completely fed up with the amount of litter that seems to blight our local beauty spots. They do say that you should try and bring as much of your own equipment as you can, everything from litter picks, gloves, bin bags, recycling bags and bag holder hoops but they will have some spare of you don’t have any. If you are interested in joining them, you can see all of the information on their website. Find out when their next meet is and pop down and be a local hero yourself.

Here at Clearabee, we love local initiatives like this. As a team who perform rubbish removal in London ourselves, we know just how much stuff people are throwing away and we hate to think of it blighting local beauty and recreation areas that are meant to be used by the community. If you need help with any rubbish removal in London, head to our website. We have a variety of services that could help you and we always recycle up to 90% of the rubbish that we collect. If the environment is at the forefront of your mind like it is ours, we might just be the rubbish removal company for you.