Although conventional, business cards are still a lively way to make your mark last in someone’s mind for long. The purpose may be of varied types, whether it is to get a job or to give a job, but the ultimate goal is to brand oneself or his/her company in the first impression itself. The effectiveness of business cards can’t be denied from the fact that it could stand firm amidst the technological waves. Its design is of utmost importance. Based on the aspect ratio, there are two ways these cards can be designed.



Various aspects of designing landscape business cards

The first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind while designing the card is the purpose it is going to serve. The details that can aid in the fulfillment of the purpose must be mentioned. 

Following points must be kept in mind before you design your landscape business card:

  • Eye-catchiness: A proper and meaningful theme must be applied that should complement the purpose. Text and images should coordinate with each other. Font choice, font size, logo size, colors, everything matters when it comes to enthralling the viewer’s eyes. Fancy fonts may look attractive, but they don’t work with everyone. Not everyone is fluent in such types of font. Proper font size should be used. A logo is a single image that bears the responsibility to represent your company. It must be assigned a proper place on the card. Colors are silent speakers. They cast a subconscious spell on the viewer’s mind. You must try to be astute with colors.
  • Order: The message that you want to deliver through your business card must be clear. The information to be displayed on the card should follow a hierarchy for the readers to easily peruse what’s printed on the card. In some cases wherein you are in search of a job, you might prefer to mention the qualities why any employer would like to hire you, but be sure not to make it so long that your card looks like a resume adjusted on a tiny card! Don’t forget to mention your contact details.