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Custom Sofa Parts

While the idea of ordering a custom sofa lounge might feel complicated, the factual process is more important and simpler than you might suppose. this composition is simply a companion to designing a customer lounge. After reading this composition, you’ll be suitable to order your dream lounge with confidence, knowing what the process will involve.

Step 1 Decide on Your Budget

When ordering a custom sofa, you should consider the budget that you want to spend.

Custom Settees range from $ 599 to an overhead of$,000. You’ll need to figure out what features and      you want on your new purchase and work your budget around that.

Alternately, if you have a set budget that you want to stick to, use your fixed budget price to decide what type of custom lounge is the stylish fit for you! There is an unexpectedly decent quantum of custom settees available at prices that won’t break your bank.

Once you cross the$,000 price point, the quality of the construction and upholstery increases dramatically. You’ll get a much-advanced quality custom lounge and further fabric options.

Step 2 Find the Size You Want

Custom settees come in several sizes and depth options. The volume you need will depend on the size of the space that your new lounge will enthrall.

The first and lowest of the size options come in a two-bumper configuration and are perfect for lower apartments or cozy living apartments. This size will fit outside of three people, that’s if you don’t mind being close!

The alternate configuration is the three-bumper layout, a standard lounge size that utmost people suppose of when imagining a lounge. This size will comfortably accommodate three people and will fit four people if necessary. A third configuration is a four-bumper option.

Step 3 Find Your Frame

 Frames are the wood or fiberboard bases to cabinetwork that the bumper and upholstery cover. lounge frames are available in a wide variety of custom styles, from simple to elegant.

maybe you’re interested in a more mid-century ultramodern style lounge with clean lines and raised rustic legs. Or perhaps you prefer the classic button-reverse lounge style, complete with nail head trim. Whatever your style, you’ll have options available that fit it impeccably.

Step 4 Pick Your Fabric or Leather

Now comes the most delightful part of the design. The covering is one part of the lounge that will garner the utmost attention and will fit the rest of your room’s design palette.

Step 5 Pick Your Trim

Trim is also an essential part of designing your sofa. However, you’ll need to decide whether you want standard or nail head trim or tufted and any other small details that may go unnoticed by someone buying a regular lounge, If the brand you’re working with has the option.

Step 6 Pick Your Legs

The final step in the design process is to pick the legs that you want on your lounge if the brand features that option. This step may not feel significant, but a good leg design can make or break your lounge style.