Can A Car Insurance Company Hire Private Investigators After An Accident?

The feeling of getting into an accident that was not your fault is worse. You may deal with the aftermath, including finances and injuries, when you get to know that the at-fault’s insurance company hired an investigator to track you around. 

You may be wondering how this can happen. Even if you told the truth, why are they following you? If you are involved in a car accident in Roseville, a car accident lawyer in Roseville will explain to you about private investigators. 

Can a car insurance company hire private investigators after an accident?

Some insurance companies hire private investigators to create an argument about the injuries that are not bad as they are claimed to be. Insurance companies often hire private investigators to look for anything that can be used to counter claims about the severity and nature of the injuries. But some investigators will support your claim because their statements are consistent with your claims.

As long as the investigator follows the rule and does not commit any act that intrudes on your privacy unlawfully, it is generally permitted. They can focus on information that is easily accessible publicly like

  1. Social media accounts
  2. Following you in public areas keeping a safe distance.
  3. Click photos of you in public areas.
  4. Examine your public records like criminal records.
  5. Talk to people you know, including family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
  6. Monitor your business activity and professional profiles.

How will you know if a private investigator is watching you?

If the investigator is a pro, you may not know. But, if someone is following you, you will notice some things like:

  1. A car that will appear everywhere you go.
  2. People will question you more frequently.
  3. Watching the same stranger everywhere you go but never interacting with you.

Your chances of being investigated increase if you claim that you sustained severe injuries that warrant substantial compensation.

The possibility of a private investigator investigating does not generally deter someone from claiming severe personal injuries because the person is an innocent motorist who suffered injuries for the negligence of another and has nothing to hide. Your experienced injury attorney will help you navigate the intimidating process and seek compensation for suffering and pain after a car accident.

If you are injured in a car accident and believe that the at-fault’s insurance company is spying on you and following you to obtain information to jeopardize your claim, contact your car accident lawyer.