Celebrate NewYear with these Lip Smacking Cakes

New Year is a wonderful occasion which is celebrated every year after 365 days- after one revolution of the earth is complete. It is a celebration to welcome a new year into our lives where we make resolutions to better ourselves and to improve upon certain aspects of our lives. 

Saying goodbye to the current year with all the good memories and the bad to make room for new experiences in life. Along these lines, set foot on the path of this new journey with your friends and family. 

The New Year has always been known for Parties, Celebration and Dance. For people hosting a party for the celebration of the new year, it is very special if you make your own cake, decorate it with all your designs, creativity, and imagination. Set foot on the perfectionist’s journey of decorating a cake, pour some sparkling stars on top to give it a more professional touch.

Surprise your friends and family with the perfect gifts on New Year, something for them to remember the occasion and as a utility for the upcoming new days. It will be more special if the cakes and gifts are personalized. 

Following are some special New Year cake ideas that might help you in selecting the perfect one for your New Year celebration. 

  1.     Flamingo Colour Cake:

The colourful bird-inspired cake catches every eye in the room. The cake looks extraordinarily attractive and the colour combinations are just amazing. The vanilla icing on the cake looks smooth which infuses with colours like blue, pink, and parrot green.

The base of the cake is decorated with beads and small edible marbles to give it a more colourful contrast. This flamingo cake accompanies a representation of a pink flamingo bird alongside the cake which is made of edible frosting. All in all, the cake looks delicious and indeed it is.

  1.     Golden Shine Cake:

The cake is multi-levelled, alongside, you can observe the sparkling gold colour of the cake. The base of the cake is round and wider followed by a smaller one on top, then again, an even smaller one, and repeat once again.

The decoration is surreal and is the job of a perfectionist, alongside a  small decoration is done on this cake to give it an elite classy look. Besides, a rose is made perfectly with frosting which looks minimalistic and attractive.

  1.     Clock Cake:

New Year is all about celebrating the new times together and embarking on a new journey on the calendar. Cherish your moments with the tik-tok cake which is made entirely of chocolate and milk crème. It is made in the shape of a round clock with numbers written with molten chocolate.

The speciality of this cake is its flavour and taste which is absolutely mouth-watering, down to the last bite. 

  1.     Firework Butter Crème Cake:

You must have watched the beautiful fireworks in the sky, but have you ever tasted fireworks before? Yes! This cake is perfect for an evening or night theme New Year party and is decorated with stars and sparkles to make it look like a firework in the sky. The buttermilk crème gives this cake a unique and absolutely delicious taste.

  1.     Lime Cake:

The lime cake is shaped like a big cupcake that is decorated, made with the exclusive high-quality crème frosting and icing. The topping on this cake is swirls of crème which melts in the mouth and gives a slight lemon flavour. A thin layer of the lemon slice which is made with white chocolate is also used, it makes the cake lip-smacking.

  1.     Doughnut Cake:

This cake is perfect for doughnut lovers. Eat the biggest doughnut at your New Year’s celebration. This cake looks like a giant doughnut with a chocolate base and the decoration of pink crème or chocolate crème according to your liking. The topping of the cake is of colourful sparkles that give it a natural doughnut look.

  1.     Fruit Cake:

This cake is stuffed with real fruits from inside and out. The cake is made with pancake and waffle stuffing and is decorated with real fruits and maple syrup. The fruits used in this cake are strawberries, apples, berries, cherries, etc. The crème used between the layers is also filled with fruit slices to give it a rich flavour. This cake is perfect for a New Year celebration. The icing and frosting on this cake can be vanilla or chocolate, as per your liking. 

One can also order New Year cake online, it keeps you away from all the hassles and get it delivered at your doorstep. These are some of the common and uncommon designer cakes that will make your New Year’s celebration very special. Begin your special year with sweetness and togetherness. And whether you party or don’t; the cake is mandatory at every special occasion accompanied by gifts for your loved ones.