Best Raw Foods for Feeding a Dog In a week

Raw diets have been proven to be perfect for most pets. They have boosted the performance of many pets, including racing dogs. They are high in nutrients, so they can provide all the necessary nutrients these dogs need to thrive. Some pet parents choose to put their pets on a raw diet simply because this diet is a close representation of what a good natural diet that prolongs the life of the animals looks like.

Even so, it is important to create a balance as you feed the dogs. It is not enough to simply say that your dogs are on a raw pet diet. Houston Raw Pet Food has made this easier for most pet owners. There are a few types of raw pet foods that you can choose to feed your dog on different days of the week. These options offer convenience and don’t sacrifice the nutrients the dog needs or expose them to harmful disease-causing pathogens during the preparation stage.

Frozen Raw Foods

This is the first type of raw pet food you want to feed your dog. It is probably one of the most common types because it is easy to store. The nutrients remain intact, and your dog will enjoy every bit. All you have to do is to thaw enough amounts to feed your dog at any specific time.

Freeze-Dried Raw Foods

These are the other types of convenient raw foods that your dog will enjoy. They come in different forms and can make excellent full meals and treats. In addition, you have a choice of simple nibs made from various protein sources, including turkey, duck, salmon, rabbit, and beef. 

Alternatively, you can go for nibbles which are great for larger dogs. Other food alternatives in this category are patties and toppers.

Whatever your choice of raw food is, make sure to consider the nutrient profile. This matters more when choosing a portion of good raw food for your dogs.

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