11 Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Tooth Whitening

More often than not, your dentist will inform you of what’s about to happen when you are getting your teeth whitened. However, it’s still important that you ask questions yourself if you want to be fully informed with everything involving teeth whitening.

dentist Northridge CA can only predict so much of the questions that you may ask. Fortunately, we’ve prepared 11 questions that you can ask and why they are important to ask your dentist regarding tooth whitening. We’ve also provided some basic information as to why the questions below are relevant to tooth whitening.

1. What is the cause of tooth discoloration?

Knowing why you’re going to need tooth whitening in the first place will help you figure out ways to prevent it from happening again by knowing the root cause.

2. How will my teeth be whitened?

An in-chair tooth whitening is going to take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is a one-off procedure in most cases so you won’t have to worry about any further appointments.

3. How safe is the tooth whitening procedure?

As long as you go to a reputable dentist Northridge CA, you won’t have to worry about anything. There are extensive research and clinical studies involved with the procedure to guarantee its safety.

4. How long will my teeth remain whitened?

Your dentist will provide you with a list of things to do to preserve the whitening effects for a longer duration. However, it generally lasts up to 5 years.

5. How white will my teeth by post teeth whitening?

You don’t have to worry about your teeth glowing in the dark after getting them whitened. They simply will be brought back to their natural whitened color.

6. What is tooth mousse?

Tooth mousse is a cream that contains fluoride and protein derived from milk. They will strengthen the surface of the tooth and facilitate a more efficient absorption.

7. Will the procedure cause me to have bad breath?

The most absurd myth involving tooth whitening is that it can cause your breath to smell weird. There will be no changes to the smell of your breath other than a better one.

8. What kinds of food should I stay away from after tooth whitening?

Your dentist Northridge CA will give you a comprehensive list of food and beverages to avoid, but they more or less will be composed of red wine, coffee, curry, cola, and gravy.

9. Will my teeth have a worse discolored look if I don’t maintain the whiteness?

The discoloration will be exaggerated because you’ve experienced having whitened teeth, but they aren’t actually worse.

10. Is it going to be painful for my gums?

Most commonly, there’s no pain that will be felt during the tooth whitening procedure. However, your dentist may require you to come back for a checkup of your gums if there are any.

11. Do all dentists provide tooth whitening services?

Most dentists, as long as they have the equipment needed, will provide tooth whitening services because it’s generally a safe procedure.