What is the problem with parking lots in USA?

If you go through the recent surveys from the traffic departments in USA you will notice that most of the parking spots have some basic flaws in them. And one of those flaws is that the parking lots in America do not have designated parking spots for each and every car. Thus what happens is that there are open parking spaces at the back of schools, colleges and malls but the manner in which card is parked in there is very haphazard manner. Thus what one could do in order to make parking lots more organized is that they can install Commercial parking blocks.

Things to keep in mind when installing commercial parking blocks

Now when it comes to installing commercial parking blocks there are two things one needs to keep in mind. The first one being that the parking blocks should be of standard size that is 6′ parking block. And the second important thing to remember is that the parking blocks should be made of rubber. Now one may think idls rubber the right constructing material for a parking block. Well rubber actually is the best material for parking block simply because they are much more durable than permanent materials like cement or asphalt. The rubber parking blocks have embedded epdm yellow color in them which makes them visible in the night and this color does not come off for years. But one must buy this rubber parking blocks from the best vendor possible.

Where to go to buy the best quality rubber parking blocks?

In USA there is only a few reliable Rubber parking blocks manufacturer. The company that manufactures the best quality parking block is unimattrafic. The rubber parking blocks prepared by them are made up of 25% recycled rubber and 75% high-quality rubber. This composition of rubbers makes the parking blocks much more durable than any ordinary one. The rubber parking blocks also have a higher warranty period which is currently at 5 years. Thus if you are thinking of getting high-quality rubber parking blocks then make sure to get it online from the official website of unimattrafic.