What to Bring to Your Kayaking Trip

The great outdoors can offer so many things to us. If you are planning to go on a kayaking trip, there are a few things you should definitely bring. In this article, we will list down all of the essentials needed to make your kayaking trip a success!

Do note that the kayaking essentials included in this list are most likely beneficial for beginners as those people who are much more advanced when it comes to kayaking would need additional equipment for this great outdoor activity. Nonetheless, here is your beginner’s guide to planning your next kayaking trip:

1. Kayak

First and foremost, a kayaking trip would not be complete without a kayak. It’s pretty obvious and there is a lot of kayak in today’s market. You can also shop for kayaking equipment in stores such as the Rheos Gear. Kayaks range from slalom boats to sea kayaks to sit-on-top kayaks. Most beginners would opt for the sit-on-top kayaks due to their fear of getting trapped inside a regular kayak in the events of it capsizing.

2. Kayak Paddles

Another obvious item on the list is a kayak paddle. Similar to kayaks, Rheos Gear also offers a variety of materials necessary for your next kayaking trip. Do remember that most paddles measure about 210 centimeters to 260 centimeters long.

3. Helmets

In doing whatever kind of outdoor activity, your safety and security should be your number one priority. Furthermore, helmets add another layer of safety to the rider. This will protect your head from getting smashed open if you hit your head on one of those rocks – or even by your own paddle or others.

4. Wet Shoes

A water sport will never be complete with the appropriate footwear. Kayaking makes use of wet shoes. These are normally made from neoprene complete with grippy rubber soles that will let you walk on slippery surfaces.

5. Clothing

When it comes to clothing, kayak clothes are special. Of course, you would also need Floating sunglasses but a good ol’ wet suit can go a long way. In addition, most of the kayakers would advise wearing something like a kayaking cagoule or a dry top. Similar to most water sports activity, you will get wet so staying warm at all times should make your list of priorities.

6. Dry Bags

Another item that you should have is a dry bag to keep your things such as spare clothes, emergency kits, floating sunglasses, food, water, and more safe and dry. Dry bags are airtight water bags that can come in various sizes. These are shut by rolling the top portion so that no water can go in. It is the best companion that keeps the water out.

7. Life Jacket

Not all who participate in water sports activities can swim. With that in mind, a life jacket can go a long way. It can save your life in a scary situation and it can shade you from the glaring sun as well. When shopping for a life jacket, buy something that fits comfortably, is lightweight, and is very breathable.

Truly, your kayaking trip will never be complete without these items. All of these are necessary to keep you safe and make your kayaking trip a success. All that’s left to do now is to pack these things and off you go!