10 Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be a taxing chore, but for some it can be therapeutic. Grocery shopping is one of the most vital activities for your household. This is where you get to buy what you put into your body on a daily basis. On average, different households restock their pantry or fridge at least once a week. That time of the week has come when you have to do your groceries. Have you been overspending lately? Or are you strict with what’s on your grocery list?

Doing groceries is a fun activity but it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard by putting all the appetizing things in your cart! Now is the time to learn how to save money on groceries. 

Here are 10 tips that you can apply to get more savings from your grocery budget.

Plan your meal for a week

Creating a menu may sound boring especially when you are the “come-what-may” type when it comes to dining. But when you plan what you will eat for a week will ensure you are buying the right amount of ingredients in preparing your meals.

Pull out your calculators

When you track how many items you have placed in your cart, you’ll save yourself from going over the budget. Use the calculators on your phone and make a computation of those items you are putting in your cart. This will also make you rethink every item and ask yourself, “Do I really need more wine?”

Shop with a full stomach

People come up with bad decisions when they’re hungry. Before going to the grocery, eat your meal at home so you can step away from the food court to avoid another cup of milk tea and eat 2 servings of croissants. Focus on spending your money on your groceries because that’s what you are there for.

Focus on what you really need

Everyone loves good deals. Your eyes light up when you see your favorite chips on sale or your favorite perfume is on a 20% discount. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap and suddenly find yourself going to loan from a licensed moneylender or running out of money for the things that you really need for your home.

Shop through your mobile apps

The latest innovations in technology have made our lives easier these days. You can pay your bills through your mobile phone, you can also order dinner using food delivery apps and now, you can order your groceries through mobile apps. By doing this, you will enjoy enormous savings and you can spend those extra cash on other things.

Recreate your meals with leftovers

Buying new meals every time will put a strain on your budget. Check your fridge. There might be some left over veggies or chicken from last night’s dinner. Go to the kitchen and use different ingredients to recreate your meal. If you don’t know how to cook, there are always videos online that you can watch. This is way cheaper than going out everyday to eat.

Don’t bring the overspenders

Let’s face it. Your kids are the ones responsible for adding those boxes of cookies on your cart that are not on your list. Or in some cases, it could be your spouse buying more stuff from the aisles. So the best decision to save more money is to leave those overspenders at home. You can go to the grocery alone and you’ll be surprised that you have saved more money that you expected.

Grow your own herbs and spices

So you are the type who cooks with herbs and spices to add more flavor to your meals. Buying your spices at the grocery can be expensive. Even if you don’t have a huge lot at home, you can grow your own herbs like rosemary, oregano or chives by creating a vertical garden indoors or outdoors. This can be a big help to get you more savings from your grocery budget.

Go for curbside grocery pickup

If your goal is to have more savings on your grocery budget, you might want to consider shopping online and pick it up at the store. This amazing hack is much more convenient because you can pre-select the items that you need online and pay for them and pick it up at the store at your most convenient time. This will also help in preventing you from being an impulsive buyer and stick to your grocery list!

Use what you buy

It is frustrating to discover that the celery you bought from the grocery is rotten at the back of your fridge. And to make matters worse, you also found out that half a dozen of cucumbers already have molds in the abyss of your crisper. Can you just imagine how much money was wasted? Always check what is in your fridge or create a list of what is inside and put it in front as a reminder so whatever you do, these items will not go to waste.

Every money that you spend is important because you worked for it. Incorporating these hacks in your next grocery trip can be helpful and you will be surprised how much cah stays in your wallet!

Always remember to develop new habits and stick to what’s on your list so you will be able to manage your personal finances better.