Winter is almost here, and apart from wrapping up in warm clothing, and looking forward to a vacation, you may have a winter camp on your agenda for the end-of-the-year celebration. So, pack your bag with the essentials and head out to the most exciting camp of the year. Below, we have mentioned some of the adventurous and engaging activities you can participate in when camping out in winters.

  1. Overnight Campfire

It goes without saying, but an overnight campfire is a must during a winter camp. Why not share funny or horror tales or interesting tales of adventure you have experienced in the past, with others? After all, you are camping in chilly weather to enjoy to your fullest, so prepare yourself for the campfire storytelling, and probably get the best scare or laugh from the people.

  1. Cook a Hot Meal

Cooking a hot meal is one of the indispensable activities of every winter camp. An outdoor barbeque or cooking delicious meals over a campfire, sounds good? Isn’t that what camping is all about –  getting self-sufficient and comfortable in your own skin, checking out a few cooking recipes, and practicing the same at home, then making others happy by treating them to mouth-watering dishes on the camp.

  1. Stitch a Rag Blanket or a Rug

Do you have enough time at hand on a winter camp? Then it is the perfect time to get creative. Carry along a sewing kit and a few rag clothes, especially old and clean clothing you no longer wear. Weave and stitch them into blankets or rugs and distribute among inmates. Not only will people love you for the kind gesture, but this activity will also help utilize your precious time to bring some love of the season to the camp.

  1. Indoor Fun Games

When spending time indoors in a tent, you can play some exciting card games, such as Spades, Solitaire, Poker, Rummy, Black Jack, UNO, 21, etc. You can even play other board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Chess, Monopoly, and likes. If you can carry some games along, you can consider a mini carom board.

Multiplayer games like these will surely keep everyone entertained. Or, if you want to spend some time alone, then download a rummy app or a card gaming app, and check out a few games on the internet.

  1. Make a Snowman

In the daytime, all the participants of the camp can make snowman outside their enclosure or at the activity area. In fact, a snowman making contest can be organized, and the winner can be awarded a prize. This will make way for a recreational activity, and can be done in groups to improve interaction between people.

  1. Photography of Terrains

Do you love to click pictures on your camera? The winter camp is the right time to take your hobby further. The season is almost as good as spring – dry, serene, but cold. Even then, the terrains around are most exemplary to look at, as the beauty of snow-clad mountains, hills, and icy ridge around rivers, are perfect. You can take photographs of the nature and surrounding terrains and frame it to save these up as souvenirs of the camp.

  1. Watch a Movie Together

Are you going to camp out with a large group of people? Then watching a movie together is one of the best indoor activities on a winter camp. You can put up a large screen and play favourite shows or movies of the people in the group. If you are putting a screen outdoors, then ensure the surroundings are protected and well-covered, as during winters, strong winds can disrupt the enclosures. Or if you are carrying a laptop then huddle together close in the tent with your friends and family to watch interesting web series that you like.

  1. Go Out Snowboarding

Have you chosen a snowy place for your winter camp then engage in thrilling snowboarding. If you do not know how to snowboard, then it is best to get trained in the same before trying it individually as the activity requires a lot of caution. If you have your own snowboarding kit, then you may carry it along. Or the organizers of the activity may offer you the kit at the venue on rent. It is advisable to not snowboard in areas marked as danger zones so as to avoid untoward incidents.

  1. Enjoy Trekking

There are several places that you can visit in the winter, which do not involve snowy terrains. However, the weather will be cool, so you can go out trekking and exploring during the camp. Since it will be cold around, you need to get the right clothing and gear suited for the season. The boots must cover your toes well. You can opt for long boots up to calves. Carry extra layer of clothing, gloves, hoodie, socks, and protective gear for ear and face. Keep yourself warm and hydrated on the way.

  1. Ice Fishing

There could be special expeditions and camps just for ice fishing. In this activity, fishes are caught with spears, lines, or hooks through an opening in a frozen body of water. Organizers of the event will provide heated enclosures with basic amenities and bunks, so that you can make the most of the camp. You can use an auger, chisel, or an ice saw to get through the ice. Brightly coloured jigs are generally used to attach shiner minnows or wax worms to lure the fishes to enjoy a great catch. After which the participants of the camp can pool in their catch and prepare a good meal out of the fishes.

Final Words

Winter camps are entertaining and fun. There are lots of things you can do when camping out in the cold weather, some of which we have mentioned above. You can check out more activities to do and create your own bucket-list.