Why You Should Not Trust Free Android Monitoring Apps?

DAndroid monitoring apps have become the need of the hour now. Given the number of risks and dangers lurking on the internet, especially social media platforms and online forums, it has become necessary to make use of monitoring tools that can help us keep track of our loved one’s online activity.

Hearing the plea of the concerned parents, anxious employers, and suspicious partners, several companies have come up with introducing monitoring and spy solutions to monitor a cell phone device. Many best free hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone are found on the internet but the question is, are they worth it? Do they work? Can they be trusted? 

Before we move ahead explaining the reality of cell phone spy apps offering free trial versions to capture users’ attention, we need to throw some light on the reasons why users may want to use them in the first place. 

Reasons Why You Need Cell Phone Spy Apps 

Intrinsically, a person would feel the need to use a cell phone spy app if they want to spy on a loved one’s cell phone activity. If not a loved one, they would want to monitor someone else’s cell phone activity to know what they have been doing on the cell phone all day long. 

Parents would want to track their kids’ cell phone activity to learn what they have been doing on their devices all day long, who they have been chatting with, what sort of videos they have been watching, and what websites they have been visiting. 

Monitoring kids’ cell phones have become essential for most parents because of the presence of several online dangers. Kids are not aware to what extent they can be in danger while browsing the internet. To keep kidssafe from potential risks and challenges that they may face on the internet, parents install spy apps on their cell phones to stay updated about their online activities. 

Many leading organizations have deployed monitoring solutions on the company-owned devices that are handed over to employees for use during office hours. In fact, at the time of employment, candidates are asked to sign on an agreement that they would allow the employer to track their activity during office hours. 

Employee monitoring keeps the employees in check, preventing them from performing leisure activities and engaging in unimportant tasks during the working hours. When employees know that their work is closely being monitored by the employer, they will not waste their time and only focus on the assigned tasks. 

Similarly, a person who is doubtful about their partner or wants to catch their cheating spouse can use a spy app to check who they talk to or meet with behind their back. Spy apps help them save from a bad and dishonest relationship. 

How Cell Phone Spy Apps Can Help?

When installed, cell phone spy apps work wonders on the target device. They help record all the activities taking place on the target device. For instance, if you want to have complete information about someone’s cell phone activity, you can use a cell phone monitoring app. 

Cell phone spy apps help you monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, emails, web browsing history as well as the location of the target device. A parent can instantly know the whereabouts of their kid if they have installed a cell phone monitoring app on their device. 

Equipped with advanced GPS technology, a reliable cell phone monitoring app lets you know the exact location of the target device. You can reach out to your kid immediately once you learn they are trapped in an unknown place. 

What’s more, cell phone spy apps also give you detailed information on someone’s web browsing activity. This means you can find out what sort of sites your child has visited in the past and if you find them to be inappropriate, you can intervene and put an end to it. 

Similarly, if you find your employees playing games or chatting with friends and relatives during office hours, you can call them in your office and hand over a warning letter. This would prevent them from engaging in leisure activities while they are at work. 

Why You Should Not Trust Free Cell Phone Spy Apps?

When it comes to cell phone spy apps, you will be surprised to find them in a wide range in the market. Some companies are pulling in customers by offering free cell phone spy apps. They attract customers by claiming that a free spy app for Android undetectable is the solution to all their problems. 

However, the truth is slightly different. There is no doubt that most Android spy apps remain undetected on the target device as they work in the stealth mode. Once installed, these apps become invisible on the target device and continue working discreetly in the background without creating any interruption for the target person. 

This is why the target person cannot detect the monitoring app installed on their device as it cannot be seen on their device. The stealth feature offered by cell phone spy apps remains true but the companies blatantly promoting free spy apps to increase sales are downright wrong. 

The free spy apps are only good as long as the trial version lasts. The trial version only lasts for a few days and after that, the customer is prompted to purchase the premium plan of the same spy app. We aren’t saying there is something wrong in trying the free trial version but to only depend on them and to expect optimum results from them is wrong. 

The free trial versions of the cell phone spy apps lack important monitoring features and also fail to provide the required results to the customer. Also, they have limited time because they are only meant to help customers experience the spy app before making the purchase. 

Those users who think they can benefit from the free trial version of the spy app are only wasting their time and nothing else. Most companies also advertise free spy apps to attract more customers but fail when it comes to performing the monitoring process. 

Therefore, we would recommend you to not trust companies promoting and selling free Android or iPhone spy apps because they are ineffective and last only for a few days. To gain benefit from all the advanced monitoring features, you have to invest in a premium plan offered by the cell phone spy company. 

Only then you can monitor your kids’ and employees’ cell phone activity in a proper and better way.