Why are divorce cases at an increasing rate?

Divorce is never an easy thing, especially if you’re someone who is highly invested in your relationship. But unfortunately, the number of divorce cases has doubled over the past two decades. The reason behind a divorce depends on various factors. Sometimes it is because of the incompatibility between the couples and sometimes due to the family or society. However, no matter what the reason is, getting a divorce will be painful. Moreover, it is better to separate from a toxic partner than to continue the relationship and suffer. Also, in cases like domestic violence and sexual harassment, the victim should get out of the marriage as soon as possible. According to a Milwaukee divorce attorney, some of the common reasons behind the increasing rate of divorce are:

Loss of communication 

With the introduction of technology and smartphones, people are often engaged in social media and other distractions rather than spending time with their loved ones. Thus, there is a communication gap, which when gets worse leads to divorce.

Adultery and infidelity 

Another reason behind an increased rate of divorce is adulterant infidelity. The availability of various dating applications and an open environment has led to people not staying loyal to their partners. In addition, this generation believes less in commitment and this has led to more infidelity.

Women are more independent

The major reason why women suffering sexual or domestic violence in their marriage continued to stay with a partner was due to less independence. Now, because women are becoming independent, they don’t accept any type of violence or disrespect from their partner and this leads to divorce.

Lack of intimacy 

People believe that intimacy is only sexual but intimacy also includes emotional and physical intimacy like holding hands or spending quality time. And, because of so many distractions and other engagements people, often take their partner for granted and forget to spend quality time with them, leading to distance and then divorce.

Though painful divorce isn’t a bad thing and you should not be worried about society or your family if you are struggling in your marriage. It is you who have to hold on to the relationship throughout your life and thus separating for any reason should be your decision. It may seem emotionally and mentally frustrating, but things will soon smooth out. In case you are suffering from anxiety or depression or any type of mental stress, you should consult a counsellor and get help to recover. It is better to work on yourself and heal rather than stay with someone and suffer.