The 21st-century world is fast-paced. Technology is evolving and so are mobile devices. Companies are competing with each other to provide customers with the best mobile phones and the latest technologies. In such a scenario, people buy new phones every other month to get access to the newest features and specifications. It becomes important to get rid of one’s old phone, and the best thing is that there are many ways to sell your phone. If you have been thinking – “where should I sell my phone?”, there are many options you can choose. While there are numerous offline and online stores and portals which buy used phones, it is important to figure out which place is best.

Offline Shops

Offline shops are those which can be found in markets. These shops are usually known to locals and are run by small-time traders who provide better assistance while selling your phone. They are also easier to work with people who are not used to technology and do not trust the internet. These shops buy used mobile phones for relatively fewer sums of money for selling those further as junk. Some shops also act as physical middlemen to bring sellers of old mobile phones and prospective buyers together for a small commission. However, there are certain problems that one might face while trying to sell their used phones at an offline shop.

  • Time

In today’s world, time is money. Selling one’s phone at an offline shop takes a lot of time. It gets grueling, trying to find the right shop and visiting it with your device and negotiating prices. In case the price offered by the shop is not according to your liking, you have to repeat the process and that takes a lot of time.

  • Money

Most offline shops are located close to each other and offer similar prices for used phones, which are often lower than their true market value. Figuring out the market value of your phone and getting a shop to buy your phone at that price is rather difficult.

  • Cash Payment

One of the biggest issues with offline shops is regarding the payment of money. Offline shops are infamous for the delay in payments. It gets difficult to get fast cash through offline shops.

Online Shops

Since this is the digital age, there are countless online stores and portals which let you sell your used mobile phone. Some online stores buy old phones while others act as portals where you can sell your phone directly to interested buyers. Online shops and portals are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a good reason for it as well.

  • Time Management

Time is an important commodity in the present day, and online portals help you manage your time properly. You can sell your phone online without having to waste your time, physically going to the shops. You can basically sell your old phone whenever you want from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Convenient

Online shops and websites are hassle-free and easy to work with. There are multiple websites where you can check and compare prices being offered to find the price that suits you the best. Once that is done, you can sell your phone in a second without having to spend too much time or energy.

  • Systematic

Online websites ask you a number of questions regarding your phone and then calculates the best price that you can get for your device. There are many portals that also let you compare different prices being offered by different customers in different locations and that helps you select your price and buyer efficiently.

Even though there are pros and cons of selling your phone online or offline, online portals offer better services and surety of getting the right price for your device.