What you need to know about marriage license in Illinois

Just as in every other state in the world, the state of Illinois has its own already laid down requirements which are what a person must meet for him or her to be granted a marriage license. These laws and requirements would from time to time, most likely get amended or changed. But presently, here are a few important things you need to learn about getting a license in Illinois.

 1)When does a marriage license become effective?

A marriage license becomes effective from the day after you receive it.

2) how long does a marriage license take before it expires?

A marriage license in the state of Illinois expires 60 days after the date it was granted to you.

3) who are those qualified to a marriage license in the state of Illinois?

Those who are above the age of 18. And where persons who are not up to the years of 18 intend to get married, the parties must provide the required items which are needed for such intending Union to fall under the exceptions to the age requirement.

4) can siblings be granted a marriage license in Illinois.

No. they cannot. Direct Blood relatives cannot be granted a marriage license. First cousins cannot be granted a marriage license as well except they are up to 50 years of age.

5) can persons of the same sex get married to each other?

Yes. Same-sex marriage is legal in Illinois. It was made legal since 2014, so anyone in Illinois who meets the stipulated requirements can go ahead and get married. And just like in every other case, the marriage license belonging to the pair would become effective from the day after which it was given you, and it would expire 60 days after.

6) can couples who are out-of-state get married in Illinois?

Yes, they can. The law of the state of Illinois allows for out-of-state couples to get married in Illinois as long as they live in and intend to continue living in a state that has legalized same-sex marriage. Where the couples are living in and intend to continue living in a state that considers same-sex marriage as void, then the couple would not be allowed to get married in Illinois.

7) will out-of-state marriages which are between persons of the same sex be considered as legal under the state laws of Illinois?

Yes. It will. Marriages which are done out-of-state will be accepted as legal in Illinois as long as the marriage was legal and licensed in that state which it was carried out.

8) will a marriage between the same sex which was done in Illinois be recognized and considered as valid under the law of other states.

Yes, as long as such state respects and has legalized same-sex marriage. But where the country or state in question still considers same-sex marriage as illegal, then such marriage between same-sex would not be considered as invalid under the law of that state. The laws of Illinois are only binding to persons within the jurisdiction of Illinois. Once a couple steps out of the territorial jurisdiction of the state of Illinois, almost all the laws which were binding on them while they were still in Illinois becomes extinguished, and the law of the present state in which they are would bind the couples.

9) does my same-sex partner get entitled to health insurance and pension and any other benefit that a couple of different sex enjoy?

For a federal, state, local government, and county employers, it compulsory. They must grant to partners of the same-sex all rights and privileges that are being granted to partners of different sex. These rights and privileges include pension, health insurance, couple vacations, and so on. However, it would be difficult to decide for a private parastatal how they should run their affairs. And how private parastatals operate depends on the plan they operate with. So, before accepting to work for them, ensure you make your inquiries on what privileges a person of same-sex marriage could enjoy and what benefits are accrued to same-sex partners.  U.S marriage laws is a resource you can use to learn more.