What Happens If You Get Convicted for DUI?

If you have been stopped and arrested for DUI, this doesn’t automatically mean you are guilty. You can defend yourself in court and fight to get the charges dismissed. A Fassio Law DUI attorney can help you collect the necessary evidence to support your case. They will investigate and preserve evidence like test results and dash camera video before law enforcement can destroy or delete it. 

A DUI conviction has severe consequences, whether it is a first-time or subsequent offense. You may end up spending $10, 000 when you get convicted. This cost comes from different expenses including court-imposed fines, DPS fees, probation expenses, legal fees, and insurance premiums. Thankfully, you can rely on a DUI lawyer to help you identify and reduce the costs related to a DUI case. 

Other Effects of a DUI Conviction

Aside from financial impacts, a DUI conviction can lead to other effects. It can also affect your career and future. A DUI conviction will be reported to current and future employers and professional licensing organizations. Also, it can make it hard to get a professional license and certificate or renew a yearly license. 

In Oklahoma, a DUI conviction can lead to suspension of your driver’s license upon arrest. But you can contest the arrest through an appeal with the District Court or enroll and complete IDAP requirements through DPS to avoid license revocation or suspension after a DUI arrest. You must act quickly because you have just thirty days to complete such enrollment requirements or file an appeal.

Reasons to Hire a Good DUI Lawyer

By hiring an experienced DUI attorney, you have an increased chance of avoiding jail time, seeking dismissal of your case or reduction in charges, fighting DUI felony, retaining your driving privileges, keeping your job, maintaining a good record, reducing fines and court fees, as well as reducing probation terms you may need to complete. 

Why Avoid a Cheap Attorney

An experienced DUI lawyer will charge you a minimum fee to represent you in your case. But while you can find cheap lawyers out there, they won’t spend time on your case and may just accept the prosecutor’s first plea bargain. If you work with an attorney who does not have extensive experience in DUI cases, you could expect the worst outcomes in your case. These outcomes can include costly and intense probation, significant probation fees, substantial fines, and expensive probation requirements. Therefore, a cheap lawyer will cost you more.