Wedding Rentals: What Would Be Your Right Ideas?

Try to enjoy yourself. Think about renting some cotton candy machines or popcorn makers to entertain the gathering. You can count on them to sell well. Beanbag tossing and bocce ball are two of the best outdoor games you can play.

Best source for locating trustworthy rental properties? Find out who the site manager, florist, and caterer at your location suggest. Entering what you need (tables, tents, etc.) and your location will provide results for local companies who rent out those items.

Just how much are you looking for? When ordering tableware, glasses, stemware, and flatware, the expert recommends ordering at least three to four items for each of your guests. If you want to have a cocktail hour, you’ll need at least three glasses for each attendee. If possible, it’s also a good idea to get ten extra chairs than will actually be needed for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in case any are broken during shipping. For utah wedding rentals on a budget you need to be specific.

How much of a down payment do you require?

When should we make the first payment? (Most companies require a deposit that is not refundable and amounts to around one-third of the total cost of the rental package. This payment is often expected at the time you make your reservation for the rented items.

In what ways do you take payments into account?

When will the rental items arrive at the venue where the event is being held? Set up early enough so you won’t be hurried, ideally at least a few hours before the event starts.

Will those bringing the rented items into the venue also set them up for use? Or, does the company provide a “tailgate service,” where the rented items are dropped off in a driveway or at the front of the venue, and the lessee is responsible for coming and putting them up?

Important Details About Tables

There will be a variety of shapes and sizes of tables for guests to sit at, including rounds, long family-style tables, and combinations of round and rectangular shapes. You should also consider setting up a sweetheart table, a buffet table, and tables for the guest book, gifts, and photos of the family.

The Current Craze: To maximize your area, use a mixture of different sized and shaped tables. The use of aged wood in furniture construction is now popular, as are glass-topped tables with wood bases.

Don’t Forget It In the absence of a wedding planner, it is your responsibility to provide the rental agency with floor plans of the venues where your ceremony and reception will be held so that they may advise you on the tables that you should choose and how they should be arranged for your guests’ comfort.

The Value of Seating: Cocktail party, ceremony, and reception chairs all included. For the smallest guests, we will provide high chairs and booster seats, and for you and your new husband, we will have a set of decorative chairs to use at the head table.


Guest tables should have standard white tablecloths, runners, and napkins for the cocktail hour and reception, while the cake table, gift table, sweetheart table, and picture table should have more elaborate or antique table linens. Chair linens are a great way to inject color and texture into your space, so they’re worth considering.