Opening up in West Hollywood, the Lowell cafe is the first of its kind in the United States. While the original plan was to prepare food that could have THC or CBD added, health code regulations have prohibited this practice. Patrons are able to imbibe in cannabis through smoking, while flower hosts are there to answer any questions you have about the products available and roll your smoke for you.

What is Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil?

Cold-pressed cannabis oil is a product made from the whole-plant, creating a product that comes as close to smoking the flower as possible. The cold-pressed oil is available in a variety of strains at the Lowell Cafe and online at Lowell Farms.

How Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil Is Made

Cold-pressed cannabis oil is made in a process that begins with freezing the cannabis flower grown organically at the farm. When the flower is still frozen, the plant is put into ice water and goes through a hashing process. Oil extraction is then done, cold-pressing the plant to extract the oil.

Cold-pressed cannabis oil is different than other concentrations of cannabis available for vaping today. Other products are made that strip away the natural flavor of the cannabis, while also adding unnecessary solvents that can be a problem for some people.

Both the flavor and consistency of cold-pressed cannabis oil over other concentrations is clear. You experience the same effects as if you smoked the raw plant instead. There are no additives or solvents in cold-pressed cannabis oil, and this limits any chemical aftertaste you can experience with other vaping products. Lowell Farms has worked hard to create a natural cold-pressed cannabis oil that uses organic, high-quality, naturally grown marijuana for an amazing final result.

Lowell Farms is a marijuana retail giant in California, offering cold-pressed cannabis oil,  both in their online store and at the Lowell Cafe. You can enjoy the organic, cold-pressed cannabis oil through vaping when you are visiting the Lowell Cafe, and choose from a variety of strains of cannabis for your smoking pleasure.

Chef Andrea Drummer has created a menu for the Lowell Cafe that compliments cannabis use and the often big appetite that comes with smoking cannabis. While she has a background in hosting private and company infused THC and CBD menu parties, current health regulations prohibit this practice for now. Chef Drummer knows what it takes to combine food and cannabis use, and she has created an amazing menu for visitors to enjoy.

Chef Drummer graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, and has become one of the top cannabis chef’s in this budding field. As the Executive Chef of America’s first cannabis cafe, she was once against the use of cannabis. She is the co-owner of the cafe, partnering with Lowell Farms to create a cannabis and food farm-to-table experience never seen before. They had to lobby the city of West Hollywood for approval to allow cannabis consumption in a public place. Approval took more than 3 1/2 years, as regulations around cannabis and legality continually changed. For now, they will provide a legal place to consume cannabis and to follow the use with an excellent meal prepared for the occasion.

With senses heightened from cannabis use through cold-pressed cannabis oil vaping, the menu focuses on the senses. The farm-to-table experience for both cannabis and food shows Lowell Farms’ commitment to high-quality, organic food and cannabis for all customers.